Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So to continue on.... While Willie was home we were really fortunate to buy our first home. We were really surprised with how smoothly everything went. I truly believe this was the place and time we were supposed to buy our home because all of the right people were in place in order for our purchase to go through. It was very exciting and stressful and we were pretty calm through the whole ordeal. Ok so amazingly I was calm through this whole ordeal. Willie is pretty level headed all the time and stress doesnt seem to get to him like it does to me :). We kept waiting for someone to say "Oh we're sorry this isn't going to work out" But that didn't happen. Even sitting in the lawyers office I was thinking ok when will he say "sorry there seems to be a mistake here". Im not necessarily a negative person but I just though this was so great to be able to buy and home and maybe we just weren't meant to have one right now. We got our keys and it felt great. We were still pretty calm until we left the lawyers office. We were just so happy and pleased. On our way home we stopped by the home to take in all awesomeness of having our own home.

Here is our house. We love it.
I will post more pics of rooms and such. I am having some camera issues right now.

While Willie was home Mana had his baptism and it was so great. Unfortunately for whatever reason I didn't take the camera to church that day. I know mamma or someone took some pics and I hope to be able to get some copies from them. It was such a wonderful day. Everyone who came was able to participate in some way and that was so special. I'm so thankful for all those that came.

Well I'm going to get off now. I have a low tolerance for sitting at the computer blogging hahahaha.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hello All...

So this is my first blog in about one hundred years. It has been over 5 months since I have posted anything. So much has happened. Well Willie came home for leave and it was great. It was so wonderful to have him home again and it was for a whole month so we were able to spend a lot of time together. During the time Willie was home we went to Florida and visited our family there. It's always fun to go down there to see everyone. I especially enjoy my conversations with Willie's grandmother Eleanor. She has so much history and wisdom. She is just such a great example of charity and service. I just love her to bits.

We had the boys while we were in Florida so that was really great too. I love it when we are all together as a family. It just makes me feel so blessed to be able to have all of our kids in our lives. What a special role we have as parents. It can be overwhelming at times but I know with guidance from our Heavenly Father my short comings will improve and hopefully won't impact the kids too badly.

I realize I didn't post anything about Victoria's birthday. Well we had a cake. It was strawberry with lemon frosting. (Victoria choose :)) Willie was able to watch presents being open via webcam. (So yeah Victoria's birthday is Jan 11th so this happened before he came home for Leave)

While we were in Florida we had a little birthday party for Victoria at Chuck E Cheeses. That was lots of fun and easy because I didn't have to do anything except pay the cashier hahahaha.

Victoria's party was great fun. There Chocolate cake was so yummy and moist. I will update more later.