Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Double Trouble.

Willie and I have a total of four children. He has two boys from a previous marriage and I have one boy from a previous relationship, then we have our daughter together. This summer is the first time we have all four children together. We have already come across several obstacles in trying to adjust from only having two children to managing four children. On top of that Willie is still having to pay child support for the two months we have the boys. This is very difficult because all the boys are basically the same age (6-7 years old) and they all eat alot of food. Willie's ex has told us she would send us about half of the child support which would be great however the month is almost over and we haven't heard anything from her since the first week the boys were here. (They have been here three weeks.) So this has been very frustrating.
We are also having some disciplinary problems with the kids. I think the boys get what they want most of the time when they are with their mother. They don't follow rules very well and I'm having a really hard time with getting them to tell the truth. I have also gotten the response that if their mother was here they would be having a fun time but because she isn't they are having no fun. Our home's philosophy is when your chores, school work etc are done and you have been behaving yourself, that's when you get to have "fun" i.e. play the wii go to chucking chesse etc. They seem to have a sense of entitlement as if they should receive what they want because they want it. We are just trying to teach our children that you need to work to get things in life. Nothing is handed to you, you have to work.