Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Peace in my heart.

I have had a challenging summer so far. This is the first time we have. all of our children living under the same roof. We have definitely had our ups and downs. It had gotten pretty tough where I had thrown in the towel. Then just this past week I had a big urge to start reading books again. I decided I needed to read an LDS novel. I went to Walmart and looked in their LDS section. I found a book. I started reading it. It only took my a couple of days to finish it and I was hungry for more. I finished the book Saturday night. On Sunday I went to church with two of my kids. They were really well behaved and I was grateful for that. During church I felt the spirit really strong. When I got home my wonderful hubby had dinner on the stove and he had cleaned the kitchen and dining room. I love that. It just puts me in a really good mood when Willie does things like that. I had decided to read my patriachal blessing. It had been quite some time since I had done that. What a comfort that was. The main feeling I had by the end of the week was, as long as I am faithful I will be ok. I got an incredible peaceful feeling in my heart about all the issues I have been dealing with this summer. I am so excited and thankful for that because I have hope again. I was really in the dark and feeling pretty low, now I feel I am in the light. I have new exciting goals that I will strive to accomplish within the next year or two. These goals will move my life in the direction I need to go to be happy. I know these goals will bless and guide my little family towards the lord. I know if I am faithful and trive to be an example my little family will follow.