Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our new floors.

Since we have moved into our house we have wanted hardwood laminate downstairs. We had someone come out to do an estimate and the price was astronomical. We could have bought a new vehicle with that kind of money. So we waited. Then we decided to go to Lowe's and check them out. Pricing for materials wasn't too bad so we opted to go with having them install as well. I wanted to try and be awesome and do the floors ourselves but that probably would have taken us a very long time and it just didn't work out for us to do that.
So yesterday after waiting about 2 weeks for all our supplies to come in, the installers came to the house about 10 minutes to 10 and started working. So this is the before.....

ok just kidding. i will have to do it later. my computer doesnt feel like puting my pictures up argggghhhhh...... (me with annoyed voice)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Much Slackery

I'm not very good at consistently blogging so I've decided I will accept that and move forward. We have been pretty busy since November 1, since that is when Aiden came into the world. I was induced and it was a little bit weird because we knew what day he would be here. We hadn't experienced that before. I was thinking, as I watched the drug pitocin dripping into my IV, what if this stuff doesn't work. What if he still won't come. I wonder if that has ever happened. But he did come and it was only about 10 hours of labor which is shortest labor. All went really well. The midwife I had is in my ward and she was just fantastic. It was lovely to have her visit with us and having some great conversations about all sorts of things. There was a Star Trek: Enterprise marathon going on that day so I was watching that while I was in labor. It was so great!! I love Star Trek. I think I am the SYFY weirdo in the family hahahaha. It's to the point where my kids know the characters of all sorts of SYFY shows hahahaha.

Anyway Aiden Elijah Wiley arrrived at 6:25pm on the 1st of Nov. Willie went home about 9pm to go pickup the kids at a family's house whose in our ward. Our ward has been so fantastic. We got meals and everything, which was a first for us too. They have also been so willing to help with kids or whatever. It's great to know that help is there if needed. We didn't need much help but it was helpful to know it was there.

So here is Aiden in the first few moments in this world.

Here are some more...

So this is all Aiden is allowing me to do right now. Hopefully I can get more done later.