Friday, July 17, 2009

Love having a little girl.

I just have to say I love having a little girl. Once upon a time I used to think all I wanted was boys. Well since I've had my little girl I have had a blast getting to know her and actually doing things together that we both like to do. She is only 3 but she's a great shopping companion. She helps me choose shirts and dresses and points out which colors she likes. She also loves looking at jewelry(mostly earings) and shoes. She actually has certain shoes she likes and some not so much. Its so funny. She has he own sense of style and shows it off by choosing her own outfits daily. She also likes deciding what baubles will go in her hair. Don't get me wrong I don't buy everything she says she likes but it's fun to have those little moments where we talk about why something looks nice or why it doesn't.

I also have to say she holds her own when it comes to her brothers. She is half their size but she stands her ground and argues like the rest of them. Of course this drives me nuts because it can go on and on if I let it, but it's good to know she won't let anyone step all over her no matter how big they are.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer madness...

So I have not blogged in awhile. We have had a bit of a busy summer so far. We started off with going down to Florida on Memorial Day weekend. We switched Victoria with our Nephew DJ for a month. That was a very long month I must say.

This is DJ.

We then went back to Florida to switch back our children. While in Florida Victoria got to do all kinds of fun things like play on the slip and slide, have tea parties and make castles out of sheets and cushions :). She also got to have her hair done by her very talented aunty in all sorts of different styles. One style she loves are beads. She loves the sounds the beads making when they hit each other as she runs or swings her head around.

While we were down in Florida we visited Willie's family. These two girls are just so cute. They are twins. Their names are Tiana and Brianna. They are Willie's uncle's girls. I wanted to take them home with me they were so cute. Brianna (the one on the left) is so loving and affectionate. She kepted calling Willie daddy and she kept following him around. It was the sweetest thing.

This is a picture of Willie's grandmother. I just call her grandma since I don't have anyone I call grandma so that keeps it simple. I have amma and Ofa :). Victoria took this picture so it's a little hard to see. lol.

Victoria also got a picture of Willie's aunty Tanya. She was born with severe mental and physical disabilities. She is a really sweet person who loves to laugh. She has a wonderful smile when she sees her loved ones and she loves kids.

While we were in Florida we also picked up Willie and Quinton.

We celebrated Mana's 8th Birthday. He didn't want a cake this year he only wanted a blizzard from DQ. So we got all the kids a blizzard and had some pizza and some movies.

The following day we went to Concord, which is right next to Charlotte, and went to Dave and Buster's.

So far we have gone swimming

I had to add this. Victoria would get out of the pool once in awhile and start shaking off the excess water hahahaha. Plus I also like her Minnie mouse swim suit lol.

Well I think thats good for now. I will blog more tomorrow or the next day. Depending on how things go. Oh I have been doing a little bit of scrap booking. Im having fun with that. I need to let the kids try it out. I have also been working on my piano playing. I have found sheet music for Bella's lullaby and I have been working on playing it. I really need to get my Viola out and start playing it. I have been focusing on strengthening my talents lately. I feel it helps with the days I feel depressed and overwhelmed. I want to start reading books again so my mind doesnt implode hahaha. Any suggestions on any good reads. I have a library card now so I have access to free books.

Oh and also our records have arrived in our new ward so I feel more settled. Members in the ward have said the only thing left now is for me to get a calling. I think it's coming sooner than later, just a feeling I have.

Also Willie will probably be leaving on the 14th of august. My visiting teacher companion is 9 month preggers with baby number 2 and her hubby deploys next week. I think this might be one reason why we are companions, perhaps to help support one another while our men are gone. I try not to think of Willie leaving. It makes me sad. It will be tough especially since Victoria already gets upset when Willie is at work. She is a daddy's girl for sure. We will definitely be sending lots of care packages with pictures and letters from the kids.