Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A little over a week...

So I'm so excited. It's a little over a week until I go get Willie. Things seem to be coming together well in all areas which makes me a little cautious about celebrating prematurely. Just in my nature I guess.

We were supposed to have a pre move inspection of the apartment yesterday but management didn't show up. So annoying because I was frantically cleaning and such the day before. I think most would not go that far but I am not most. Im weird about having messiness around especially when expecting people to come over. But I do have to say that I love having a clean house so I am enjoying the small cleaning I only need to do now.

Doing all the crazy cleaning reminded me of the part I really HATE about moving. You have to clean really well before you leave in order for them not to hit you up with crazy charges so someone else can come and clean up after you. I've also realized I really don't want to move again in another 4-6 months. So we are going to see one of the houses that is newly built and is for sale, when Willie gets here. I've already seen it and yes it's got a crazy huge masterbedroom but it also has everything we would like in a home. So here's hoping that things will work out.

I had a weird situation yesterday. I picked Mana up from school and he was wearing clothes that didn't belong to him. He told me a teacher had picked 3 kids to go to the guidance counselor. She asked them if they bathed or took showers. Mana said yes. Then she gave them all shirts, underwear and socks to change into. I asked if he had been sick or poured his lunch on himself. He said he hadn't and he had no idea why he was told to change. Well there was no note and no call from the school about this situation.

I was angry ( yeah I have a temper/anger isssues and I know most normal people wouldn't have just gotten pissed off in 5 secs but hey I don't like people messing with my kids) So I wrote a letter to his teacher asking her what was going on and for her to call me. Well I have to say she IS a great teacher. She called this morning and explained what happened. I told her I didn't like the fact that no note or call was made and he had changed his underwear which meant he got completely undressed in school for no reason. Oh I checked his clothes that were in a bag in his backpack. They were clean. They still smelled like fabric softener so I had no idea why he was told to change. Apparently there was an smell in the classroom and it was around Mana and two other boys and the assistant to the teacher, thought it would be only fair to have all 3 boys go see the guidance teacher instead of singling one kid out.

I wasn't the only parent who was upset. Another parent had sent in a letter too and apparently mine was really nice compared to the other. How sad for the teacher. She was very nice and apologized, she even went as far as to say she can see why I would be insulted because she can tell I do make sure my kid is clean and goes to school with clean clothes. During this whole ordeal the assisant teacher was the one who was over the kids and his teacher was somewhere else, or something.

Oh I just remembered I did put that in the letter that I clean his clothes everyday. It's true I hate to see a mountain in my laundry room. Now once it's washed, well sometimes lately it does sit as a mountain on my bed but hey they are clean clothes hahahahaha. Yeah so that was my weird, random, uncomfortable moment.

Oh and I need to go now because Victoria just snuck by me with a bag of chocolate chips and she thinks thats whats for snack time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unsolicited advice.

It's funny how just because there is a conversation going that one feels the need to solicit advice. I have tried really hard over the years to only say blah blah blardy blar (this is me giving advice hahahaha Im sure thats exactly what I sound like) when specifically asked or the spirit has prompted. I have recently been bombarded with advice on where not to live where not to put my children in school and where the supposed bad areas to live are. Now I haven't lived in NC for long but from what I have seen I like. Also if money wasn't an issue then yeah I would go live in a community with all the big beautiful houses, and the "safety" that is tied in with that. Alas money is an issue and I believe it is for most people, therefore I am going to have to work with what I have, pray and hope for the best.

I am the type of person who does ask for advice. I'm not too proud to ask for more information or guidance; HOWEVER I haven't asked people to tell me everything horrid and wrong with a specific town or school district. I was told that my son's school wasn't as good as the others around here and I was even told I should take him someone else. I think his school is great. His teacher works very hard for the children she is responsible for teaching during the week. To this advice I said " Well you are free to bus my child to school if you want." To my surprise I got a crazy look. Im sorry but I thought I was allowed to just spit out words as they popped into my head as well.

I have just plainly told the advice givers that I'm new to the state/area and I have a different idea of what ghetto is and Im just going to have to rely on my research and prayer. Funny how when you throw prayer into the conversation it abruptly ends the conversation.

Oh I just thought of something else. I try not to show my angry crazy side to anyone, but WOOWWWWW Im getting close. I just get very annoyed with ignorance/prejudices of all kinds especially when it comes to cultures, religion and groups of people as a whole. It is moments like this that I realize how blessed I have been to grow up with all sorts of great people from all walks of life.
To my siblings who read this.......Do you get crazy looks of unbelief when you tell the tale of your life hahahahaha. I really dispise the question "where are you from?" I don't like to get into the story of my life with anyone but people I consider close. So I just say the name of the city I was born. This is usually a conversation ender or I get prying religious questions hahahahaha. Oh then they hear where my parents are from and they think (well I can't read their minds but facial expressions scream) "yeah right" hahahahaha. Then I am told for the one millionth time about how polynesians always smile and are soooo nice (mostly true but no one is always smiling) or the iceland/greenland story about ice and green blardy blar blar.

Oh and today Willie called me a foreigner because I didn't understand his joke hahahaha. I laughed so hard and I was proud too hahahaha. Im a foreigner who just so happened to be born in the US. Im weird what can I say.

Ok a more serious thought. I'm so thankful for the Gospel. For the knowledge I have and the continuous learning involved. Prayers truly are answered when you prepare yourself to hear and receive the answers. I was able to share just a small part of my testimony today with my sister in-law on faith and my belief in our heavenly father and how we are not alone no matter what our situation is. It felt good to be able to do that. I appreciate Willie's families deep rooted love and faith for heavenly father. It makes it easier for us to openly practice and share our beliefs with little resistance.
It's 3 weeks until Willie comes home. Yay!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Updates and whatever.

So I always think I just posted but I realize I haven't just posted anything. Christmas went well for us. We went to a family in the ward's house on Christmas Eve. It was fun to talk with different people that weren't just kids. We opened presents on Christmas morning with Willie watching on the webcam. It was great fun to be able to do that.

New Year's Eve we went to another family's house and played games. That was fun too but it reminded me that I am very different from people. My sense of humor is different and hobbies and such are different too. But I am similar in the way of the Gospel. It's amazing how many different types of people can all come together with that. I think it's great and I appreciate living in an area where there are so many active members who are service oriented.

I put up Christmas stuff on the 7th. I organized some things around the house. I cleaned cleaned and cleaned. It's what keeps me sane. We are moving in march for sure. Whether we move into our own home or another rental remains to be seen. I really hope everything goes smoothly to buy a home. Won't know if we don't try right?? I am so happy that Willie has agreed to have movers come pack up our stuff hahahaha. I don't mind packing the stuff, it's the moving part I can't stand.

Willie will be home in a few weeks which is so exciting. Victoria is so excited she keeps talking about how we are going to do all these things when he comes home. I can't believe it's almost been 6 months. At times it feels like time has past by so fast but then I look at the kids and realize how much they have grown in the time he has gone and I see that time hasn't really flown by. Still I'm excited to have him home for a little while. Willie and I have realized that over the pasted 15 months we have only lived in the same house for 3 months. It's crazy because I didn't think it was only 3 months. Im grateful I am able to speak to Willie on a regular basis.

I'm sad about possibly leaving my ward. They have been so good to us and Im getting the hang of teaching my primary class. They are mostly listening to me and they are even participating with asking questions and answering questions and I have finally figured out what works and what doesnt. It's been great being their primary teacher. Who knows, perhaps we will get lucky and end up staying in this area for a little bit longer. I know all will be well and we will be where we need to be.