Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unsolicited advice.

It's funny how just because there is a conversation going that one feels the need to solicit advice. I have tried really hard over the years to only say blah blah blardy blar (this is me giving advice hahahaha Im sure thats exactly what I sound like) when specifically asked or the spirit has prompted. I have recently been bombarded with advice on where not to live where not to put my children in school and where the supposed bad areas to live are. Now I haven't lived in NC for long but from what I have seen I like. Also if money wasn't an issue then yeah I would go live in a community with all the big beautiful houses, and the "safety" that is tied in with that. Alas money is an issue and I believe it is for most people, therefore I am going to have to work with what I have, pray and hope for the best.

I am the type of person who does ask for advice. I'm not too proud to ask for more information or guidance; HOWEVER I haven't asked people to tell me everything horrid and wrong with a specific town or school district. I was told that my son's school wasn't as good as the others around here and I was even told I should take him someone else. I think his school is great. His teacher works very hard for the children she is responsible for teaching during the week. To this advice I said " Well you are free to bus my child to school if you want." To my surprise I got a crazy look. Im sorry but I thought I was allowed to just spit out words as they popped into my head as well.

I have just plainly told the advice givers that I'm new to the state/area and I have a different idea of what ghetto is and Im just going to have to rely on my research and prayer. Funny how when you throw prayer into the conversation it abruptly ends the conversation.

Oh I just thought of something else. I try not to show my angry crazy side to anyone, but WOOWWWWW Im getting close. I just get very annoyed with ignorance/prejudices of all kinds especially when it comes to cultures, religion and groups of people as a whole. It is moments like this that I realize how blessed I have been to grow up with all sorts of great people from all walks of life.
To my siblings who read this.......Do you get crazy looks of unbelief when you tell the tale of your life hahahahaha. I really dispise the question "where are you from?" I don't like to get into the story of my life with anyone but people I consider close. So I just say the name of the city I was born. This is usually a conversation ender or I get prying religious questions hahahahaha. Oh then they hear where my parents are from and they think (well I can't read their minds but facial expressions scream) "yeah right" hahahahaha. Then I am told for the one millionth time about how polynesians always smile and are soooo nice (mostly true but no one is always smiling) or the iceland/greenland story about ice and green blardy blar blar.

Oh and today Willie called me a foreigner because I didn't understand his joke hahahaha. I laughed so hard and I was proud too hahahaha. Im a foreigner who just so happened to be born in the US. Im weird what can I say.

Ok a more serious thought. I'm so thankful for the Gospel. For the knowledge I have and the continuous learning involved. Prayers truly are answered when you prepare yourself to hear and receive the answers. I was able to share just a small part of my testimony today with my sister in-law on faith and my belief in our heavenly father and how we are not alone no matter what our situation is. It felt good to be able to do that. I appreciate Willie's families deep rooted love and faith for heavenly father. It makes it easier for us to openly practice and share our beliefs with little resistance.
It's 3 weeks until Willie comes home. Yay!!!


MiriamR said...

oh man that reminds of this one time we were playing this game (which I now refuse to play) With extended family and I was supposed to whistle a song and it was a frank sinatra song and I had no idea what the song was (sorry I don't know ANY Frank sinatra songs and I doubt many from my generation do) and I got called uncultured for it (for not knowing it). STUPID BLEEP sorry but yeah won't play games with them anymore how rude!

meleofa said...

SUCH a WONDERFUL post. You are so good at articulately expressing yourself, and doing it so clearly. I love this post!

I too don't always understand things, or I'll tell Dustin things, and find them hilarious or something, and then I hear the crickets chirping in his general direction. ho ho ho. We have definitely been raised differently than most. It's a wonderful thing. :D

So good. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

OH, and I don't like getting into details of growing up either. When people ask where I'm from, sometimes I just say West Valley. hahahahaha. Or all over. and want to leave it at that, but then people persist with questions. so silly.

MoBo said...

hahahah "TOTALLY!" thats what kept popping into my head as I read this! teeheee I suffer from unsolicited blablablaing, hahaha I have such a big mouth and fat head, Sometimes its just so big and fat I cant keep it in, I should really work on that. hahaha

I Loved Reading this!
I hate that question too, it is the BANE of my existance, because people tend to be looking for something that I can't give them, especially here in Canadia land, since they are all foreign; just kidding, but they are a very nomadic people so they are never "from" where ever they are living at the time you meet them and so they try to dig into where you are from and what you consider yourself, so Annoying. then in Australia they are a very proud people so they say

Q: Where are you from?
A: All Over
Q: Where were you born?
A: mildura Vic

and its like I BLoody Well Am NOT! hahaha people like to put us into boxes (mammas favourite saying/phrase q: teeheeeeee ) and catagories, they are never prepared for what we give them haha, which is strange since its the 21st century and people are more used to moving around, so much so that I dont even feel special in that aspect anymore hahaha ok blablablaEND

Hera said...

Lovely post and I laughed reading the foreigner bit haha.
We usually end up in areas people tell us not to live in. Bretton, Inala, BreiĆ°holt. We were adviced against all these places because of crime. Well I never encountered any of the crap people talked about. We know how to stay out of trouble and lock your door. haha.
I am from Earth and hope to live in the Celestial Kingdom some day. haha.
I feel if people are well grounded and know who they are there is really no need to be 'from a particular place' I was born and raised in Iceland but I do not feel Iceland is my home more than any other place.
Home is where the heart is. It´s nobody´s business at all where you are from or where you feel home is.
The best thing is to have deep roots in the gospel. You can not go wrong there.
Somebody mentioned that Milo had citizenship in half of the world. I thought that was very funny and what a lucky guy.
The whole world was created for all of us.