Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A little over a week...

So I'm so excited. It's a little over a week until I go get Willie. Things seem to be coming together well in all areas which makes me a little cautious about celebrating prematurely. Just in my nature I guess.

We were supposed to have a pre move inspection of the apartment yesterday but management didn't show up. So annoying because I was frantically cleaning and such the day before. I think most would not go that far but I am not most. Im weird about having messiness around especially when expecting people to come over. But I do have to say that I love having a clean house so I am enjoying the small cleaning I only need to do now.

Doing all the crazy cleaning reminded me of the part I really HATE about moving. You have to clean really well before you leave in order for them not to hit you up with crazy charges so someone else can come and clean up after you. I've also realized I really don't want to move again in another 4-6 months. So we are going to see one of the houses that is newly built and is for sale, when Willie gets here. I've already seen it and yes it's got a crazy huge masterbedroom but it also has everything we would like in a home. So here's hoping that things will work out.

I had a weird situation yesterday. I picked Mana up from school and he was wearing clothes that didn't belong to him. He told me a teacher had picked 3 kids to go to the guidance counselor. She asked them if they bathed or took showers. Mana said yes. Then she gave them all shirts, underwear and socks to change into. I asked if he had been sick or poured his lunch on himself. He said he hadn't and he had no idea why he was told to change. Well there was no note and no call from the school about this situation.

I was angry ( yeah I have a temper/anger isssues and I know most normal people wouldn't have just gotten pissed off in 5 secs but hey I don't like people messing with my kids) So I wrote a letter to his teacher asking her what was going on and for her to call me. Well I have to say she IS a great teacher. She called this morning and explained what happened. I told her I didn't like the fact that no note or call was made and he had changed his underwear which meant he got completely undressed in school for no reason. Oh I checked his clothes that were in a bag in his backpack. They were clean. They still smelled like fabric softener so I had no idea why he was told to change. Apparently there was an smell in the classroom and it was around Mana and two other boys and the assistant to the teacher, thought it would be only fair to have all 3 boys go see the guidance teacher instead of singling one kid out.

I wasn't the only parent who was upset. Another parent had sent in a letter too and apparently mine was really nice compared to the other. How sad for the teacher. She was very nice and apologized, she even went as far as to say she can see why I would be insulted because she can tell I do make sure my kid is clean and goes to school with clean clothes. During this whole ordeal the assisant teacher was the one who was over the kids and his teacher was somewhere else, or something.

Oh I just remembered I did put that in the letter that I clean his clothes everyday. It's true I hate to see a mountain in my laundry room. Now once it's washed, well sometimes lately it does sit as a mountain on my bed but hey they are clean clothes hahahahaha. Yeah so that was my weird, random, uncomfortable moment.

Oh and I need to go now because Victoria just snuck by me with a bag of chocolate chips and she thinks thats whats for snack time.


meleofa said...

Oh my goodness. I would be pretty pissed too! So call the kid and the parents in. Or just the parents would probably be better. That' very uncomfortable indeed! I am all paranoid about Miaya being stinky. hahaha. It's like this for me: she relies on Dustin and me to take care of that sort of stuff, so I should be the one to keep up on it. :D I hope everything works out for you guys. love you.

MiriamR said...

You could probably sue them I am pretty sure they are not allowed to undress the kids at school!! If it was a big deal they should have called you in to take them home because I mean whats to stop them from child molestation and all that. I would complain more if I were you that is soooo unacceptable and socially traumatizing for the children involved and then its their stinky school?? I would definitely get more pissed than that!!