Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Great times.

I am so excited for Christmas. We received Christmas cards today. We loved it. The kids had their own cards and they felt special. We had a lazy day yesterday but today it was full and lots of fun. Mana's primary teacher had set up a lunch date for all the kids in his class. They had lots of fun playing with each other. They also received little gifts from their teacher.
We did a lot of cleaning this morning. The kids room and bathroom are all cleaned up and ready for Christmas. The kids did a great job helping with cleaning. They were wonderful. It truly helps me when the kids do their part. It makes cleaning a lot easier and cleaning time gets cut by a lot.
After lunch the kids were invited to one of Mana's friends house to play. This was actually perfect timing. My visiting teachers came by and I was able to have some quiet time with my visiting teachers which was really nice. We were invited to stay for dinner at Mana's friends house and it was so yummy. The kids had some noodles and the adults had quiche. Now the kids were offered quiche but not many of them ate it. So now I'm thinking I'll try making some quiche because it was so good.
I have to say the house we visited was so awesome. It was huge and very open. It was one of those dream houses that you think,hmmmmmmmm this is what I would buy if money was no object hahahaha. It was very pretty.
I like going to other people's homes and seeing what they have done to decorate and such. It gives me ideas on what I like and what I don't like.
Oh and while today was great and lots of fun. I ended up hurting my back some how. I really didn't do anything too strenuous but nonetheless, I hurt my back. It's funny how things work out that way. Im pretty much all better from my month long cold/flu, whatever you want to call it then I go hurt my back hahahaha. Oh WHALE!! hahahaha.
Oh and then someone told me today that epidurals eventually affect/effect your back. It weakens the discs somehow. I thought that was scary but I don't know if there is any truth to it.
That's it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

After the sickness comes the OCD clean freak...

OK so I don't know about anyone else, but when Im sick I generally don't clean. I do put dishes in dishwasher and wipe counters etc, laundry when clean clothes are needed. However I don't do my regular cleaning. So today I felt better. Usually after I am sick I want to clean.

Today I looked at my carpet and just wanted to scream. I have white carpet. (Dont ask me why anyone would put white carpet in apartment complexes.) I have tried to keep the carpets clean but it's almost impossible. So I took out my vacuum and carpet cleaner.

It was such a release cleaning the carpets. I did have to refill quite a few times (refill the water) but I kept using the sprayer hahahaha. I guess I got a little trigger happy. Just watching all the spots and pieces of whatever the kids put on the floor, disappear was a wonderful feeling. I'm so excited. I want a complete cleaning of my house before Christmas comes. That will be such a great relief and relaxer for me to know everything is clean. Also it gives me an opportunity to see what things need to be donated or stored.

Oh and I almost forgot. I don't know how, but it slipped my mind for just a moment. It seems someone has chosen to give my family the opportunity to participate in 12 days of Christmas. There was a knock on my door at 9pm last night. I have to say I was worried because I looked out my peep hole and saw no one. I am very cautious with those sorts of things. I opened the door and there was a gift bag with 3 oranges in them and a little story. I have to say I felt so excited and appreciative that we were even thought of. I read the story and realized that they had put 3 oranges in the gift bag, so that each one of us could have an orange. It may be hard to understand but that touched my heart. It let me know that we are loved and cared for. It was a great moment.

I too started the tradition of the Santas and the shoe. I spoke with the children last night and told them the story of the santas and their mamma. They are intrigued and a little worried that a santa can come into the home while they are sleeping. I must admit it is scary hahahaha. They received chocolate hahahaha. They were so excited this morning. I need to get more creative and not just give them candy hahahaha.

We also had our ward Christmas party on Saturday. It was a dinner. I had volunteered to help with the Childrens Nativity re-enactment but somehow became in charge on saturday night. That was a bit annoying but I was happy when it was all done. People enjoyed it, we had ample children ready to take part and the spirit was there. What more can you ask for?

Oh and I was still feeling crappy on saturday and I guess I looked that way at the christmas party hahahaha. I was asked if I wanted sunday off from teaching my class. I said I would be fine. On sunday I left church after my class was done because I was still a blundering mess. Mana got to stay for all of church because someone offered to take him home. I am just loving my ward more and more I have to say. There is so much love and service. Everyone seems to try to help in whatever way they can. I think that is great.
Victoria was very upset she didn't get to stay at church hahahaha. She went into the primary room asking for Mana so we could go home. hahahaha She makes me laugh. She is always so concerned about her brother and what he is doing. Then again I think she wanted him to leave especially if she had to.

I think thats enough for now.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Some recent Pics.

Ok so most of these are of Victoria because lets face it I'm with her during the day.

Victoria mashing the potatoes we made for Thanksgiving. She loves to smell, taste and make all things relating to food. Hmmm I wonder if this will continue throughout her life?
Victoria went to a princess themed birthday party and they had different areas with different crafts and activities were going on. Here she is getting her nails painted. Yes I don't have a problem with nail polish. Sometimes we have "girl" time where she and I manicure and paint our nails. It's a fun time you should all try it hahaha.

This may look familiar. Victoria wore her Halloween costume for the princess party. She went as a fairy princess hahaha. She got her face painted and glitter in her hair and some other stuff too. She had a great time. There were like 20 girls at the party. I wouldn't be able to have a party with that many kids hahahaha.

Victoria in her Chamora tupenu hahaha. I did put the top on her but she didn't like that it was too small hahahaha.

Here are some of my Christmas Decor. I love my Islenskt Jolasveinn, well this is my version hahahaha.

Oh some more Christmas decor. I just found them.

Victoria was at playgroup and she decided to put this head piece on hahahhaa.

Here's Mana waiting to eat at a restaurant.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sickness and such nonsense.

So I've been sick for almost 2 weeks. It started off as a cough and a heavy feeling in my chest. So that was until a couple of days ago. Then I had a very sore throat in the morning time but by the afternoon it would be better. I also started to have a runny nose. I thought ok no big deal just carry tissues and hand sanitizer and wash my hands. Well I did a really great job of washing my hands. So much washing that my hands started to crack and hurt. Well today I have felt achy and run down. I took 2 naps. So Victoria and I drank lots of hot cocoa and oatmeal. We also had popcorn to go with the movies Victoria chose to watch. Today Victoria was so good. She did everything I asked her to do without a single snicker. She is great. I love when the kids are so sweet and thoughtful like bringing a blanket or pillow to you just because they think you might need it. So today we watched spiderman and big momma's house 2. They are some of Victoria's favorites. She's a funny kid.

Apparently there are tons of kids that have behavioral problems at school or something because teachers and even his tutors have specific pointed out that he is well behaved. It's strange. It makes me proud that he does treat his teachers with respect. Oh and it's doesn't really snow here. Not in this part of NC. If it snows even a little bit everything is closed. It does get chilly but it's nice to be able to bundle up.

Oh and I love the Star Gate series hahaha. Im a total scifi geek hahahaha. I love it. Oh and does anyone have Maliana's address? Could someone email it to me. Thanks.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mana's Progress

I got a progress report from Mana's school and it shows he is getting A's for Math, social science and science and a C for Language arts. Willie and I are so proud of him. He is working really hard and his teacher and tutors are so great and awesome. I just love them. We have been so blessed and my prayers have been answered by these wonderful people who decide to teacher and really show love for the kids. He has brought home many papers with scores of 90 and 100 which makes him feel so proud of himself. The fridge is full of his work. I hope he continues to do well.

He volunteered to read a scripture and say the closing prayer for sharing time yesterday and that was great for me. I got to see him do that and it made me even more grateful to be in the primary. Next month Victoria will join him in Primary, although they will be in different primary (Victoria junior, Mana senior) but still in primary. Im curious to see if I will continue to teach the same kids or if I will teach a new class.

Willie is doing ok. He did get a little sick with a cold but he has gotten better. He says its very cold there now. Thankfully I packed his gear hahahaha. I put his beanie, gloves and mouth/face protector from coldness thingy, in his container. Otherwise he would be really really cold hahahaha. He didn't think he would need it. Actually he did say how cold it was and I asked about his warm gear and he was like "what warm gear?" hahahaha so he got a nice treat by finding his warm gear hahahha.

There was a double baptism yesterday and we went to it. Mana was excited to see how a person is baptized. Victoria came up to me later and said "Mamma the kid went under the water!" I told her, "Yes that's what happens when you get baptized" she wasnt too sure about the whole thing hahahaha.

I have hometeachers now and Im so excited!! They will come by next sunday. It's a comforting feeling to know I have them. We have a man in our ward who is Army. He is a pyschologist. He will be going to Willie's area soon and he asked me if there was anything I needed for him to give Willie for me. I told him to visit with him if he could and just let him know who he is. It truly is amazing how small the world is and how the Lord works. Oh and it's 8 weeks until Willie comes home. Yay.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Today I am sad. I think I have finally been hit with the realization of Willie not being here. We just continue life as normal. I already wonder what it will be like to have Willie home again and if things will be different because of his absence. It's just annoying how I feel. Willie and I have truly been alone with our family. We haven't had Christmas or other holidays (accept once) with our extended family. So with him being gone it's just very hard. I wish family was closer. Anyway today I am annoyed with being disconnected.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Busy week.

It's only Thursday, not quite the end of the week but it's already been filled with lots of stuff. I won't go into details but it's been busy. We did have our RS Christmas program tonight and it was so great. There was a lovely program with beautiful music sung by two very talented sisters. The song was Mary's Lullaby and I just love that song. It's just so special. Then we had fabulous curry chicken and rice with homemade bread rolls. We also had fruit salad and a delicious dessert made with brownies, chocolate pudding, whipped cream and crushed up butterfingers. So yummy. We then did a cookie exchange and a white elephant gift exchange. It was so fun and I got an awesome gift hahahaa. They also had some of the Priesthood holders watch the kids. It was just a great night of RS sisters getting together and enjoying one another's company.

Mana got his progress report card today and he is don't so well. He is steadily getting there. Im so proud of him and his hard work. I really think the tutoring is paying off. I have gotten some weird expressions from people when I tell them how long Mana is in school for most of the week. I don't care!! This is helping him and I would rather him playing outside, getting help he needs and meeting new kids than struggling with school work, and having kids tease him on the bus. He has asked me not to have him ride the bus at all. I drive him to school (more to let him sleep an hour longer in the morning) and I pick him up after tutoring. On Friday afternoons are the only days he doesnt ride the bus, but I wait for him at the bus stop in case he has an issue with one of the kids and we can deal with it then and there.

All in all he is very happy with tutoring and even though he has long school days he still comes home with a smile on his face.

Oh and Victoria is turning four in a month. I can't believe she is almost four. I can tell she is almost four. She looks older, behaves older and is getting taller.

Enough Of that. I will probably get on tomorrow since I do have more stuff jumping around in my head.
Oh please submit your ideas on what fun things there are to do during the holidays. Mana will have 2 weeks off from school and I want to do some fun stuff. Im thinking of going to Myrtle beach. But I dont know.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some good things happening....then not so good.

We have finally gotten out of credit card debt. Well this occurred a little over a week ago. It was great. We felt like we were on the right track and actually starting to see progress...great progress. So Willie decided he should check his credit report and get his score so he can see where he stands. Well he didn't have a score. One of the credit card companies had declared him as deceased so now he doesn't have a score. We are trying to get this resolved and it's not going very well. So as it is right now we are saving for a house and have regular bills to pay for. I've been frustrated with the situation but I have really thought more about what I need to learn about myself through this situation. I'm reading this book called Finding faith in the desert. It's really great and the guy's perspective and main thought is what the Lord wants him or needs him to learn. He is so humble. It's great. I have to admit I have gotten teary eyed at parts. He is an LDS Army Chaplain who shares his experiences he had during his deployments in Iraq. It really is inspirational.

I had one of those days where Im SO thankful for the husband I have, the kids I have and just my life in general. I really am blessed with great people in my life. I think it's good to have those days where you realize that things aren't as bad as you think they might be. Like I think my kids never listen to me and then I see that they do listen to me for the most part, they just have moments where they dont want to. Just like all of us right?
It's nine weeks until Willie comes home. We are down to single didgets Yay!!
Oh I didn't take any Thanksgiving pics but I did cook a nice spread. Even though a lot of it is still leftover. It was great fun and the next day I cleaned out my garage and took out the christmas decorations. We set them all up and the kids loved it. It's great to have them both enjoy every moment and to help. We talked a lot about why we have Christmas and what we should do in our lives to honor Jesus Christ by living our lives the best way we know how. They are both so excited for Christmas and all the wonderful programs and devotionals we will be participating in. What a wonderful time!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lights, camera, ACTION!!!

I have been talking a lot and not sharing many pics lately. So here are some. These have been taken in the past 2 weeks.

These are the pics from Mana's award ceremony. I had camera issues right when he got his award, how annoying. Oh well.

This is what scripture reading looks like sometimes.

Victoria on a daily basis :)

These were pics taken when we went to the park. This was during some really chilly windy weather. There are also some pics of the kids being their normal, happy, silly selves.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Answering some questions.

Yes we are looking at houses. Originally we had thought we would buy a house when Willie is permanently home. Well after some thought and consideration we have decided we would try to buy one when Willie comes home for his R&R. So Willie is looking online when he has time and I'm checking what he finds and giving a thumbs up or down or maybe. We are hoping to be in a house by march, but we shall see.

It was Quinton's birthday on Friday. He is 8 now. Willie's birthday is on the 4th of Dec. He will be 9. The kids are all just growing up so fast.

Mana like his tutoring. Although I have to say they haven't started the real work yet. Yesterday and today they are doing placement exams to see where they are and what help is needed. Mana said all the girls in his class are in tutoring but he is the only boy. hahaha. We are hoping for the best. The tutoring program continues until the end of the year so that should be really good for him to have that consistency for at least majority of the school year.

Melanie I did eat my salad hahahaha. I ate it today. I have been really iffy about dressings that are actually good for you so I have been using balsamic vinegar. I like it. It takes yummy.

I washed my truck today, inside out. I haven't done that since like May hahaha how embarrassing hahahha. I was so sick of all the crumbs in the truck. I swear I need to have a no kid eating in my truck rule hahaha. Oh the reason why it takes me so long to wash my truck is, while we were living in California in our horrid duplex, our truck got hard water on the passenger side windows and on that side of the truck. So no matter how often I wash my truck it still looks dirty and it really makes me mad when I think about it. I choose not to deal with it or I would seriously go loopy. ai have cleaning issues hahaha.
On a happy note, Victoria was so good today. She just sat by the truck singing her songs hahaha. She's been so good lately. She asked if we could go to the movies. We didn't go to the movies but we did rent movies. She wanted scooby do and I got Star Trek for myself hahhaaha. It was great.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Today was jam packed.

Today I overbooked myself. I watched a cute little girl who looks just like Miaya (seriously she does) from 9am to about 1230. I had made arrangements with my VT to go to the park. You know change of scenery and not having like a whole bunch of kids in my house. Im all for kids having fun in my house but I definitely have a limit. hahaha So we went to the park at 11am. It was great fun. Victoria and her little friend ran around and had crazy fun. I made a delicious salad for me but I forgot to bring a fork so I just stared at it and imagined how the goodness of that salad would taste hahahaha. Victoria and her friend ate their delicious crackers and bell peppers(or if you prefer paprika, capsicums hahahaha) ok so Victoria and I were the only ones eating bell peppers. I got my spiritual thought from my VT and I actually made plans to go to one of the VT house to play some more but I was already feeling a little drained of playing time so I told her I would meet up with her another time. Victoria's friends mom picked her up at the park and we headed home. I then remembered I needed to mail the boys (Willie and Quinton) birthday prezzies today so they could arrive in Florida before Thanksgiving. We went to the post office and stopped off at Mana's school because I forgot to tell him this morning he needed to stay at school for his tutoring classes. I left a note at the office for the teacher.

While I was there, there was a very upset mother yelling and her kid about money that had gone missing or something like that. I felt like I was being yelled at. I felt for the boy. But I left because at this point Victoria was staring down the lady and I didn't want her to be the next target hahahaha. I told Victoria we would run home go to the bathroom and such and take off again because there is a house Willie and I found on the internet that looked like something we would be interested in.

Because Victoria was being so good I offered some Mc Donalds to her. She accepted of course. So off to Mc Donalds we went. I got some chicken strips because I was hungry and she got chicken nuggets. We drove to the house I saw on the internet and I took some pics. There were two dogs living on either side of the house and I kept thinking the dogs were going to break free and eat me hahahaha. I know wild imagination. But they stay put, barking like mad, but staying put. It is a really nice house. It needs some cosmetic improvements here and there and a really good cleaning and a really good bug guy. Hey we live in NC, bugs are expected. It was a great house.

I got home in time to pick Mana up from tutoring and we headed home. Oh and the greatest was Victoria and I received our passports today. Yay!! It only took 2 weeks which is great. Now I am just waiting for Mana's. I am now free to visit other countries.

Oh and here's a random side note. I found a little sweater that would fit Eva (Miriam's daughter). I told Victoria we should send it to her. Well she has a friend in nursery name Eva(pronounced A-va. well you know long A sound at the beginning) She is constantly talking about that girl. She got excited because she thought I was talking about her nursery friend hahahahaha. It was like she just realized she has a cousin named Eva hahahaha.

I wish we could visit family more often so the neices and nephews could all play more often.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Im keeping it short.

Ok here's something that happened today. I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies. I used a mixture of white flour and whole wheat flour. They came out pretty good. I definitely taste the whole wheat but I like it. It might not be to everyone's liking but they were good to us.
Anyway so I told the kids that in order for them to get some for dessert they would have to eat all of there dinner and not have me tell them every 5 minutes to stop messing around and eat. Well Mana ate his and I gave him some cookies. Victoria played around a little bit and made a bit of a mess but it seemed to me she had finished. I was quite pleased with my kids. I gave Victoria some cookies and all was good. After doing reading and homework it was time to bathe, put on pajamas and go to bed. I was cleaning the kitchen and puting leftovers in the fridge. Well I notice a little baggie with some food in it. I didn't think much of it because I am constantly puting baggies and containers in the fridge with some sort of food in it. I started to think of how the baggie was placed in the fridge. It was just placed differently than how I place things. I grabbed the baggie and low and behold there is a portion of tonight's dinner in the baggie. I knew immediately whose it was. I called Victoria and asked her why she put her dinner in the fridge. She said she was saving it for tomorrow. HAHAHAHA sometimes she is just too clever. She used my baggies against me. Well I thought that was just too funny to not talk about it.

Have a good night everyone.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good day.

So it is about 12 weeks until Willie gets to come home for 1 month. We are really excited. That will mark the half way mark for Willie being away. During this time I have had to make some adjustments on how things are done at home. I have relied on Willie with a lot of different things. For instance disciplining the kids. For what ever reason they would listen to him but not me. I have to say that things have gotten better with that. For the most part my kids listen to what I tell them and they respond pretty quickly. Although they do have their days when they just want to do their own thing. Which is fine because that is life. I have become more patient, which is really good because I do have a temper. I also think these things are becoming a little bit easier because the kids are getting older and they have a better understanding of what's appropriate and what's not. But then again sometimes that flies out the window too. The joys of parenthood.

This past sunday we had a missionary farewell program during sacrament meeting. It really made me excited for my brother, who is working on his papers to go on his mission. I got teary eyed at the thought that my brother would be doing the Lord's will by going on a mission and what a great example he is for me. I would really like to be there at his farewell. If I can't make that, then I will definitely be at his homecoming.

Oh and a weird week continuing on with Mana's education... We were so excited last week because he had gotten his award for most improved. Well this week I received a note from his teacher telling me he has failed two of the most recent reading test and it's an open book test. I have been praying and wondering how I am going to help my son with his difficulties. I received a package last week for a free tutoring program offered at his school. I was worried about the long hours Mana would be spending at school. Then he got his award so I thought, Oh maybe he's fine maybe he doesn't need it and then WHAM!! I get this note from Mana's teacher. Yeah so I filled out the package and mailed it off. Looks like Mana's starting tutoring next week. I guess I need to pay closer attention to answers I receive hahahaha. I hope this tutoring program will help him. We shall see.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's November.

I got a phone call today from Mana's teacher. She told me there is going to be an awards ceremony at his school on Friday and Mana is receiving an award for most improved. Im so proud of Mana. He has had a hard time with certain areas of learning and he works really hard to try to compensate. He doesn't know about the award yet and I won't tell him because I think it would be a great surprise. Mana has an excellent teacher who is so proactive in all of the students education. If one way of doing things isn't working out for her students she finds another way to help the students learn. She really is fantastic and I just love her. We've been blessed to have her and I know it. I have prayed for help and guidance in trying to help Mana with his difficulties and my prayers were answered with this wonderful teacher. Moving on hahaha.

Mana had a great experience tonight. Ok first off. Mana is in scouts. It is his responsibility to keep up with his uniform. I add patches and iron his shirt, but he has to hang up his shirt, neckerchief, hat and keep track of his slide.
Well tonight in his excitement about getting to church a few minutes early (that means he gets to play basketball before scouts starts) he took off running to the church and his slide fell off. Now, the slide is not very big and it was very dark outside. We used the few early minutes we had to look for the slide. We looked and looked and couldnt find it. Mana went to scouts and Victoria and I waited around for him. When Mana was done we went back outside to look some more. I know its stupid but I wanted to at least try before just giving up. Mana then said. "Mamma when we get home Im just going to pray that I can find my slide" I told him that was a great idea. We then walked to the truck. Mana shouted out "Mamma, mamma I found it!" He got into the truck and showed me his slide. He said he said a prayer and he found it. I told him now he knows that heavenly father answers our prayers no matter how simple or small me may think they are. I just loved the fact that I was allowed to be there at that moment.
I truly believe it is the small and quiet moments in our childrens lives that the Holy Ghost testifies of the truthfulness of the Gospel.

Oh and on a bit of a sad note. Victoria had another issue tonight with children calling her chocolate. She now understands that being called chocolate is not ok. She told the girl she wasn't chocolate she is brown. My poor sweet girl. I have noticed that she is now distancing herself from those who have mistreated her. If I ask her why she won't play with so and so she simply says they weren't nice to me and I don't want to play with them. That's enough for me because really it takes a lot for Victoria to not want to play with anyone. She also misses her daddy so much and it's very sad at times because she will break down and cry and just say she misses her dad. We draw pictures for daddy and we talk about him and all the things we will do when he comes home. We also look at pictures and she talks to her dad which always puts a big smile on her face. She is better now but she did say she didn't have a good night tonight.

That's about all for now. I do have a question for you guys that read this. Can you share with me a healthy snack or dish you make at home? Im looking to change up my meal routine. Thanks.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Trunk or treat!!!

We had our Trunk or Treat tonight and it was so much fun. There was chili, cornbread, hotdogs, chips, desserts and lots and lots of candy. I was so happy they had hotdogs because my kids aren't very big on chili. I know it's because we don't eat chili at home. I think I've made it twice. I really enjoyed the chili and cornbread. There were carnival type games that were fairly simple but perfect for all ages of the kids that were there. They received candy and little treats like pencils and friendship bands.

There was one situation which showed me how thoughtful Mana is toward his sister. The kids were playing a game where you blow an Q-tip through a straw and try to get the Q-tip into the bat shaped cutout in the huge cardboard wall. Mana had gotten one in and Victoria had not. She kept trying but it just didn't go through. At this point it was time for us to move on because other children were waiting in line to play. Mana got a candy for his "goal". He turned to Victoria and said it was ok he doesnt want the candy she can have it. She was so thrilled and just said "thank you Mana". Mana told me he didn't want his sister to feel bad because she didn't make the goal. What a sweet, kind boy.

The kids were part of the costume contest. They also got their hair colored hahaha. They loved that. All in all the kids had such a great time and they both said it was the best Halloween ever. hahahaha. Im so happy they had a great time because we're not going trick or treating tomorrow. We are going to be dressing up and giving out candy. Fun times!!

Eating is exhausting...

This happened a couple of weeks ago and I had forgotten about it until I was going through my phone today and deleting random pictures my children love to take with my phone. I took this picture. It was lunch time and I had made Victoria a peanut butter sandwich (per her request) and she just fell asleep. I have to say I didn't realize she had fallen asleep until awhile later. I was doing laundry and cleaning in the other room. But I thought it was just a perfect moment for a picture. :)


Also Melanie you asked a question about how the curlers turned out in her hair. Well they didn't. The curlers did nothing to her hair. She slept in her curlers overnight and when I took them out her hair looked the same as before I put the curlers in. I dont know if the size is too big or if I needed heat or what. It didn't work and both Victoria and I were disappointed. We were excited for a new hairstyle hahahaha.
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Soy Mjolk.

So I decided that I need to really focus on the foods in my house and whether or not they are helping our bodies or are more harmful. I have digestive issues and the pain on my left side that I've had for over a decade on and off, is probably due to that but I had always thought it was my liver or some other vital organ. Well I'm happy to say I have had blood tests and ultrasounds to evaluate my liver and organs in that general region and all looks good. I even had an ultrasound to check out my reproductive organs and apart from a small cyst (which are normal as long as they dont multiple or grow in size) everything checked out. They thought that the pain I felt was transferring from my ovaries or uterus, thats why that was check out.
So I know Mamma and the rest of my siblings have drank soy milk. I have to say I tried it years ago but it didn't taste very good. Well I thought I would try it again just a different brand. I have silk milk and it taste really good. I also feel it's not as heavy, if that makes any sense, as milk. It feels lighter in my stomach. I got the vanilla flavor and it's great.

I also like activia. I notice when i dont drink it (i get the smoothie kind) I just dont feel right. So I totally encourage people to try that.

I have pretty much gotten to the end of my rope with my headaches. I am seriously thinking of going to a chiropractor to see if that will relieve some stress and pain. I also really want to go to a massage therapist, only after I go to a chiropractor. I know mamma has been to one. Has anyone else been to one? If so what was your experience like? and would you recommend it?
Until next time.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Willie sent gifts.

So Willie sent me some gifts. He likes to get nick knacks for the house. He calls them conversation pieces hahaha. Anyway he bought some marble pieces and I really like them. The first picture is of a salt and pepper shacker set with a small dish and two other containers. Im not sure what they are for but I think one of them might be for sugar. At first the color was a bit bright but then I really loved the pieces with every passing day. hahaha so weird I know.

The next picture is of two goblets. They are green which you can probably tell hahaha. They are really pretty. Yeah I like them too.

Now these things were sent about two weeks ago but I totally forgot to take pictures or even talk about it.
So today another box came with these...

Now I had to look up the name on the shirts and apparently it's somewhere in Turkey or something weird. But I think they are cute. Mana chose the white one and Willie told me the black one was mine hahahhaha. It's supposed to represent him hahahaha. So Victoria got the rest.

Mana got his bobcat award with the scouts. Which was great. He also raced his boat that night, which he made in scouts. He won, which he was excited about, but of course thats not the point of the race. They also give a pin to the parent. I thought that was awesome. It was a good night for Mana. Oh and Victoria wanted a picture with the boat too hahahaha.

Here are some random pics of Victoria and Mana a few weeks ago at Mana's school for a function.

Here are some fun pictures. :)