Monday, December 7, 2009

Mana's Progress

I got a progress report from Mana's school and it shows he is getting A's for Math, social science and science and a C for Language arts. Willie and I are so proud of him. He is working really hard and his teacher and tutors are so great and awesome. I just love them. We have been so blessed and my prayers have been answered by these wonderful people who decide to teacher and really show love for the kids. He has brought home many papers with scores of 90 and 100 which makes him feel so proud of himself. The fridge is full of his work. I hope he continues to do well.

He volunteered to read a scripture and say the closing prayer for sharing time yesterday and that was great for me. I got to see him do that and it made me even more grateful to be in the primary. Next month Victoria will join him in Primary, although they will be in different primary (Victoria junior, Mana senior) but still in primary. Im curious to see if I will continue to teach the same kids or if I will teach a new class.

Willie is doing ok. He did get a little sick with a cold but he has gotten better. He says its very cold there now. Thankfully I packed his gear hahahaha. I put his beanie, gloves and mouth/face protector from coldness thingy, in his container. Otherwise he would be really really cold hahahaha. He didn't think he would need it. Actually he did say how cold it was and I asked about his warm gear and he was like "what warm gear?" hahahaha so he got a nice treat by finding his warm gear hahahha.

There was a double baptism yesterday and we went to it. Mana was excited to see how a person is baptized. Victoria came up to me later and said "Mamma the kid went under the water!" I told her, "Yes that's what happens when you get baptized" she wasnt too sure about the whole thing hahahaha.

I have hometeachers now and Im so excited!! They will come by next sunday. It's a comforting feeling to know I have them. We have a man in our ward who is Army. He is a pyschologist. He will be going to Willie's area soon and he asked me if there was anything I needed for him to give Willie for me. I told him to visit with him if he could and just let him know who he is. It truly is amazing how small the world is and how the Lord works. Oh and it's 8 weeks until Willie comes home. Yay.


MiriamR said...

That is so great Tuimana!! I wonder about the kid change too next year. I think I am getting the ones who are sunbeams now. I will be able to see Alexander in Sharing time. So weird that time flies so fast and tihs coming sunday will hopefully be Eva's first all the way in Nursery! Wohooo. I should probably blog too thanks for doing it so often I really love reading them!! 8 weeks YAY

MoBo said...

YEEEAH! this is all so Great! its great to hear about Willie! That is so great about the guy from YOUR WARD going over them ways, I didnt know it got cold over there.. Why I thought that I have no idea hahahah maybe because I think of India when I think of the middle east haha Silly Me. Tuimana sounds like a Machine! jumping up to A's like that! amazing kid. time certainly does fly