Friday, December 4, 2009


Today I am sad. I think I have finally been hit with the realization of Willie not being here. We just continue life as normal. I already wonder what it will be like to have Willie home again and if things will be different because of his absence. It's just annoying how I feel. Willie and I have truly been alone with our family. We haven't had Christmas or other holidays (accept once) with our extended family. So with him being gone it's just very hard. I wish family was closer. Anyway today I am annoyed with being disconnected.


MiriamR said...

so sorry Melisa. I hope your christmas still goes well and you feel the lovely christmas spirit. I am feeling the being away from extended family this year. I hope you feel better. You have been doing so well!!

Hera said...

Just do the best you can and watch lots of Christmas movies.
Enjoy seeing the kids faces at Chistmas.
We love you lots.

MoBo said...

I'm sorry, Desperately sorry. being away from family is lonely. its always too long, but the lengthiness makes you appreciate the short times you do have. sadness, happiness. hrmm