Thursday, December 3, 2009

Busy week.

It's only Thursday, not quite the end of the week but it's already been filled with lots of stuff. I won't go into details but it's been busy. We did have our RS Christmas program tonight and it was so great. There was a lovely program with beautiful music sung by two very talented sisters. The song was Mary's Lullaby and I just love that song. It's just so special. Then we had fabulous curry chicken and rice with homemade bread rolls. We also had fruit salad and a delicious dessert made with brownies, chocolate pudding, whipped cream and crushed up butterfingers. So yummy. We then did a cookie exchange and a white elephant gift exchange. It was so fun and I got an awesome gift hahahaa. They also had some of the Priesthood holders watch the kids. It was just a great night of RS sisters getting together and enjoying one another's company.

Mana got his progress report card today and he is don't so well. He is steadily getting there. Im so proud of him and his hard work. I really think the tutoring is paying off. I have gotten some weird expressions from people when I tell them how long Mana is in school for most of the week. I don't care!! This is helping him and I would rather him playing outside, getting help he needs and meeting new kids than struggling with school work, and having kids tease him on the bus. He has asked me not to have him ride the bus at all. I drive him to school (more to let him sleep an hour longer in the morning) and I pick him up after tutoring. On Friday afternoons are the only days he doesnt ride the bus, but I wait for him at the bus stop in case he has an issue with one of the kids and we can deal with it then and there.

All in all he is very happy with tutoring and even though he has long school days he still comes home with a smile on his face.

Oh and Victoria is turning four in a month. I can't believe she is almost four. I can tell she is almost four. She looks older, behaves older and is getting taller.

Enough Of that. I will probably get on tomorrow since I do have more stuff jumping around in my head.
Oh please submit your ideas on what fun things there are to do during the holidays. Mana will have 2 weeks off from school and I want to do some fun stuff. Im thinking of going to Myrtle beach. But I dont know.


MiriamR said...

So glad mana is doing better! You are such a good mother!! I don't know what to do over christmas
I have already run out of ideas I am not in a very creative mood this month and that is ridiculous! Maybe you can make a ginger bread house? You should definitly go to myrtle beach. One suggestion I read was drive around when it gets dark to see all the neighborhood lights. make some simple ornaments. I am trying to make a good wreath and having a horrible time at it. Watch christmas movies. Are you doing 13 santas? I hit up walmart clearane in the summer and the dollar store so its not all candy :) I am excited for that.

meleofa said...

Make cookies for your neighbors, and friends. :D That's fun. I always mean to, and never do. Sounds like you guys are good. I love to hear that. :D Do you guys have downtown lights, or anything? That's fun to go and walk around and bring some hot chocolate or buy some. Myrtle beach sounds awesome!

MoBo said...

Make a Snow Man! I LOVED that when I was younger! ok, it was last year Hhaha Just Kidding! i havent seen proper snow for 5 or 6 years, shocker! now its -26 C on average daily, lovely. christmas movies! and wrapping presents! I loved wrapping presents, I think that might be because of my ocd tendancies.. OH well. Board Games! like candy land, and monopoly, and sorry/trouble i loved monopoly junior, Card games! hungry hungry hippos! hmmmm maybe stories, i didnt really like stories though. BUILD A FORT! remember that one time in Spanish Fork? that was awesome. I liked to colour things, christmas things. Making decorations! Baking while christmas music is blazing! do you have snow there? tehe i will stop now