Friday, December 11, 2009

Some recent Pics.

Ok so most of these are of Victoria because lets face it I'm with her during the day.

Victoria mashing the potatoes we made for Thanksgiving. She loves to smell, taste and make all things relating to food. Hmmm I wonder if this will continue throughout her life?
Victoria went to a princess themed birthday party and they had different areas with different crafts and activities were going on. Here she is getting her nails painted. Yes I don't have a problem with nail polish. Sometimes we have "girl" time where she and I manicure and paint our nails. It's a fun time you should all try it hahaha.

This may look familiar. Victoria wore her Halloween costume for the princess party. She went as a fairy princess hahaha. She got her face painted and glitter in her hair and some other stuff too. She had a great time. There were like 20 girls at the party. I wouldn't be able to have a party with that many kids hahahaha.

Victoria in her Chamora tupenu hahaha. I did put the top on her but she didn't like that it was too small hahahaha.

Here are some of my Christmas Decor. I love my Islenskt Jolasveinn, well this is my version hahahaha.

Oh some more Christmas decor. I just found them.

Victoria was at playgroup and she decided to put this head piece on hahahhaa.

Here's Mana waiting to eat at a restaurant.


meleofa said...

I love your jolasveinn! He's great. I love all of your Christmas festiveness! So fun. The princess party looked like a blast. I too paint Miaya's nails. I let her wear lip stuff too! :O But not very often. And the nailpolish is only clear and sparkly. hhahahahahaha. so fun.

MiriamR said...

I love your christmas decors! I have a tree and I made a wreath and thats it :( oh well I am sure the collection will grow. I am so glad you posted all those pictures it looks like so much fun! Keep the posts coming :) they make my day

MoBo said...

I Love the pictures! Tuimana is such a little boy now! or should I say young man hahaha And Victoria is such a funny little Cutie! and I Love the Jolasveinn! and the candles! hahahah so great; Cards are great, when I was younger i used to think Cards were stupid, but now that I get them I think they are AWESOME!!! im glad you guys are merry!