Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sickness and such nonsense.

So I've been sick for almost 2 weeks. It started off as a cough and a heavy feeling in my chest. So that was until a couple of days ago. Then I had a very sore throat in the morning time but by the afternoon it would be better. I also started to have a runny nose. I thought ok no big deal just carry tissues and hand sanitizer and wash my hands. Well I did a really great job of washing my hands. So much washing that my hands started to crack and hurt. Well today I have felt achy and run down. I took 2 naps. So Victoria and I drank lots of hot cocoa and oatmeal. We also had popcorn to go with the movies Victoria chose to watch. Today Victoria was so good. She did everything I asked her to do without a single snicker. She is great. I love when the kids are so sweet and thoughtful like bringing a blanket or pillow to you just because they think you might need it. So today we watched spiderman and big momma's house 2. They are some of Victoria's favorites. She's a funny kid.

Apparently there are tons of kids that have behavioral problems at school or something because teachers and even his tutors have specific pointed out that he is well behaved. It's strange. It makes me proud that he does treat his teachers with respect. Oh and it's doesn't really snow here. Not in this part of NC. If it snows even a little bit everything is closed. It does get chilly but it's nice to be able to bundle up.

Oh and I love the Star Gate series hahaha. Im a total scifi geek hahahaha. I love it. Oh and does anyone have Maliana's address? Could someone email it to me. Thanks.

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MiriamR said...

I know I am looking for Maliana's address too I don't know it. Hopefully mum has it. Dude I bet you have the same thing I did. 3 weeks and I finally went to the doctor and I don't think he really helped it was more the drugs he prescribed they made me sleep (I couldb't sleep at night cause my chest didn't want to breath) so I finally slept and starte dto get bettter. I hope you get better soon or go to the doctor if you can to get drugs. I only did because I wasn't functioning at all.