Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some good things happening....then not so good.

We have finally gotten out of credit card debt. Well this occurred a little over a week ago. It was great. We felt like we were on the right track and actually starting to see progress...great progress. So Willie decided he should check his credit report and get his score so he can see where he stands. Well he didn't have a score. One of the credit card companies had declared him as deceased so now he doesn't have a score. We are trying to get this resolved and it's not going very well. So as it is right now we are saving for a house and have regular bills to pay for. I've been frustrated with the situation but I have really thought more about what I need to learn about myself through this situation. I'm reading this book called Finding faith in the desert. It's really great and the guy's perspective and main thought is what the Lord wants him or needs him to learn. He is so humble. It's great. I have to admit I have gotten teary eyed at parts. He is an LDS Army Chaplain who shares his experiences he had during his deployments in Iraq. It really is inspirational.

I had one of those days where Im SO thankful for the husband I have, the kids I have and just my life in general. I really am blessed with great people in my life. I think it's good to have those days where you realize that things aren't as bad as you think they might be. Like I think my kids never listen to me and then I see that they do listen to me for the most part, they just have moments where they dont want to. Just like all of us right?
It's nine weeks until Willie comes home. We are down to single didgets Yay!!
Oh I didn't take any Thanksgiving pics but I did cook a nice spread. Even though a lot of it is still leftover. It was great fun and the next day I cleaned out my garage and took out the christmas decorations. We set them all up and the kids loved it. It's great to have them both enjoy every moment and to help. We talked a lot about why we have Christmas and what we should do in our lives to honor Jesus Christ by living our lives the best way we know how. They are both so excited for Christmas and all the wonderful programs and devotionals we will be participating in. What a wonderful time!


MiriamR said...

That is crazy about the credit company, where do they get off doing that? I hope you are harassing them with complaints, there is a part at the end that allows for corrections but I mean HELLO. ANyway congrats on the no credit card debt that is a HUGE accomplishment I mean seriously HUGE!! I love that you guys put up christmas and had fun. My kids are slowly ripping the tree apart each day :) They are enjoying that but i am not.

meleofa said...

So exciting about Willie coming home soon! And that is so odd about Willie's credit. What's up with that? And there is proof he is alive, so it shouldn't be that hard to resolve. Idiot company.

Anyway, yay for Christmas! I am glad you guys are doing well.

Hera said...

Congtatulations. There were many times I thought my children never listened. Now I find out they did. haha