Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Great times.

I am so excited for Christmas. We received Christmas cards today. We loved it. The kids had their own cards and they felt special. We had a lazy day yesterday but today it was full and lots of fun. Mana's primary teacher had set up a lunch date for all the kids in his class. They had lots of fun playing with each other. They also received little gifts from their teacher.
We did a lot of cleaning this morning. The kids room and bathroom are all cleaned up and ready for Christmas. The kids did a great job helping with cleaning. They were wonderful. It truly helps me when the kids do their part. It makes cleaning a lot easier and cleaning time gets cut by a lot.
After lunch the kids were invited to one of Mana's friends house to play. This was actually perfect timing. My visiting teachers came by and I was able to have some quiet time with my visiting teachers which was really nice. We were invited to stay for dinner at Mana's friends house and it was so yummy. The kids had some noodles and the adults had quiche. Now the kids were offered quiche but not many of them ate it. So now I'm thinking I'll try making some quiche because it was so good.
I have to say the house we visited was so awesome. It was huge and very open. It was one of those dream houses that you think,hmmmmmmmm this is what I would buy if money was no object hahahaha. It was very pretty.
I like going to other people's homes and seeing what they have done to decorate and such. It gives me ideas on what I like and what I don't like.
Oh and while today was great and lots of fun. I ended up hurting my back some how. I really didn't do anything too strenuous but nonetheless, I hurt my back. It's funny how things work out that way. Im pretty much all better from my month long cold/flu, whatever you want to call it then I go hurt my back hahahaha. Oh WHALE!! hahahaha.
Oh and then someone told me today that epidurals eventually affect/effect your back. It weakens the discs somehow. I thought that was scary but I don't know if there is any truth to it.
That's it.


MoBo said...

quiche certainly is Delicious! if you find any great recipes, do share!! that sucks about your back, mystery aches and pains are such a bother. I hope you feel better soon

MiriamR said...

oh that sucks about your back! glad to hear you are getting better from the wacko flu thing. Maybe get a heat pad for your back or take a HOT bath just to relax. I love christmas! We aren't as social as you so we don't go many places :) oh but I love quiche!!! its sooo yummy they had a bunch at our ward breakfast its so yum. Merry Christmas guys!!