Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby stuff...

We went to a thrift store today to look at baby/kid stuff. We found some onesies and one piece pj thingies which I am loving right now. Probably because that's basically what the baby will be wearing for the first few months. I have learned from having children before that babies don't need outfits and all the snazzy clothes so we are going pretty basic this time round. We also got two winter suits one that's small and one that's a bit bigger. I'm relieved about that because I didn't want him to freeze hahahahaha. Even though we will mostly be inside but still if and when we do go out he will be nice and warm hahahaha.

Also we have decided on his first name........ it will be Aiden. Ok so I don't think we have decided on the spelling but I think you get the picture. We both really like this name. There really isn't any big story behind it. I know this time round I wanted to have a name before he was born (if possible) and I approached this with more compromise than before. But I do really love the name Aiden. I don't know of too many Aidens and Im hoping it stays that way.

I have about 7 weeks to go. Willie thinks I'm stressing about some baby stuff too much, although I don't see it hahahaha. I just feel better when my list in my head is getting checked off. Anyway that's it for now.

Bye- O

Oh Willie setup the baby crib and changing table. I still need to get pics taken and I will post it after I have washed the baby bedding and set it up.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our new car....

So one of our goals while Willie has been home on leave has been to get a new vehicle that holds all of us and our dog. We had a pretty big list of things we wanted in it. Most of it was what we preferred rather than what we would HAVE to have but we lucked out and found one that had everything we wanted and then some. We found this vehicle on It's a trailblazer with third row. So it comfortably seats 7, it has running boards (which I love especially being pregnant it makes it easier for me to get in :)) It has leather interior which is great for kids and pets, easy clean up. Tow hitch and/or cargo rack is what I really wanted for extra storage. Decent mileage, decent price and the greatest part is it has a dvd player hahahaha. The dvd player even has two plugs for headphones hahahaha. Oh and Willie loves that there is navigation hahahaa. So this time round we did lots of homework before going out. We looked at lots of different car lots and finally we found something that fits all our needs. Im so relieved to not have to worry about a vehicle thats big enough for all of us for quite some time. So here it is.

It's BLUE!!!! I like Blue.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No excuses.....

So I am such a slacker about posting things, but at this point I have accepted that this is just one of the many weaknesses I need to work on.

So I have no excuses.

We have a new puppy in our family. His name is Moses, but I call him Moe, which I think is confusing to him because it sounds like NO!! hahahahaha so I am trying to stick with Moses. I have called him moose at least a dozen times which is just so weird. He is alot of fun and alot of work. We did say we wouldn't get an actual puppy and that we would stick with a dog that was a little bit older so we wouldnt have such a hard time with potty training. Well we looked at several different shelters in surrounding counties but none of the dogs really felt like they were part of our family.

We found one dog that Willie really liked. His name was Boscoe. He never barked even though the other dogs were going bonkers. He was really sweet and gentle. We asked if we could spend some time with him. We took him outside to where they let the dogs run around and have play time. Immediately he pees and then start puting his nose in it. To me this is already a huge sign. EWWWWWW!!!! But I thought I guess this is what dome dogs do.

So he starts running around and we are all smiling and happy to see him enjoy the outside. Victoria is really excited and starts petting him and and jumping up and down, well this makes Boscoe really happy and excited. A little too excited. He jumps on Victoria and knocks her down and continues jumping on her. Willie and I jump into protective parent mode. He takes the dog and I lift her up and act as a barrier. So yeah that was a short time with Boscoe and that is when we thought that maybe we need a dog who is smaller (at least at first) so that we can get him used to our little people in our family.

We did look at two other dogs who were so precious, both were female and I think they were like a Spitz mix. They were so gentle and great but they both shed so much and I dont want so much hair all over especially since we are having a new baby soon and I dont want him to have dog hair all over him.

Well then we went back to our local shelter to see if they had any new dogs. We saw a chihuahua and both Victoria and Willie wanted it but thankfully he belonged to someone and they were coming to pick him up soon hahahaha.

While we were there we saw this adorable whit lab/ possible husky/chow mix. She was so sweet and cute. She was a little puppy too. Victoria and I fell for her but I dont think Willie really liked her as much. I wanted her though. So we filled out the paper work to adopt her. There was a catch though. She had to be in the shelter at least 72 hours before they could release her to anyone. They told us if we still wanted her by the next day we could come back and get her. So my mind was made up.

Well Willie reminded me of two puppies that were up for adoption in another shelter. I had loved them but I put them out of my head because we were told someone had put a hold on them because some people were coming from out of town to see if they wanted them. Well we went back to that shelter one more time to make sure they weren't available. To our surprise they were both still there. I immediately wanted Moses. He had a sister with him. We watched them play together and Moses was a little wimp hahahaha. His sister totally dominated him which made me love him more hahahaha. So we adopted him. Willie and I both felt bad for the sister being left in the shelter but the people in the shelter had told us a puppy rescue was coming to take her up North so she would be ok. We also thought about adopting the little white puppy but I thought about it and got overwhelmed at trying to train two puppies at the same time and not having a fenced in yard would be very hard.

So we decided Moses and only Moses was good for us. He is so funny. He is lazy which is what we wanted, not too much energy that we couldn't help burn off. He loves the kids and the kids love him. They have their own responsibilities to help care for him so they are learning all sorts of things.

So Moses is great, we love him and we have become those people to who about their pets as if they are people hahahahaha here he is.....