Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby stuff...

We went to a thrift store today to look at baby/kid stuff. We found some onesies and one piece pj thingies which I am loving right now. Probably because that's basically what the baby will be wearing for the first few months. I have learned from having children before that babies don't need outfits and all the snazzy clothes so we are going pretty basic this time round. We also got two winter suits one that's small and one that's a bit bigger. I'm relieved about that because I didn't want him to freeze hahahahaha. Even though we will mostly be inside but still if and when we do go out he will be nice and warm hahahaha.

Also we have decided on his first name........ it will be Aiden. Ok so I don't think we have decided on the spelling but I think you get the picture. We both really like this name. There really isn't any big story behind it. I know this time round I wanted to have a name before he was born (if possible) and I approached this with more compromise than before. But I do really love the name Aiden. I don't know of too many Aidens and Im hoping it stays that way.

I have about 7 weeks to go. Willie thinks I'm stressing about some baby stuff too much, although I don't see it hahahaha. I just feel better when my list in my head is getting checked off. Anyway that's it for now.

Bye- O

Oh Willie setup the baby crib and changing table. I still need to get pics taken and I will post it after I have washed the baby bedding and set it up.


MiriamR said...

I LOVE the name Aiden! Oh and don't go too fast on getting all the baby list done. I only say that because I was getting everything done and being diligent and then I had nothing to do but sit around a wait for weeks. But it is nice to get all the stuff off the list that are constantly on your mind!!
Bring on the fall though. It was 95 today bleh. I can't wait to decorate my house for fall and then for christmas!!!

Hera said...

Aiden is lovely.

MoBo said...

GOSH! all these kids are getting great names! so cute. Arent you afraid of NAME THIEVES!!! heheheingoa