Friday, October 23, 2009

Willie sent gifts.

So Willie sent me some gifts. He likes to get nick knacks for the house. He calls them conversation pieces hahaha. Anyway he bought some marble pieces and I really like them. The first picture is of a salt and pepper shacker set with a small dish and two other containers. Im not sure what they are for but I think one of them might be for sugar. At first the color was a bit bright but then I really loved the pieces with every passing day. hahaha so weird I know.

The next picture is of two goblets. They are green which you can probably tell hahaha. They are really pretty. Yeah I like them too.

Now these things were sent about two weeks ago but I totally forgot to take pictures or even talk about it.
So today another box came with these...

Now I had to look up the name on the shirts and apparently it's somewhere in Turkey or something weird. But I think they are cute. Mana chose the white one and Willie told me the black one was mine hahahhaha. It's supposed to represent him hahahaha. So Victoria got the rest.

Mana got his bobcat award with the scouts. Which was great. He also raced his boat that night, which he made in scouts. He won, which he was excited about, but of course thats not the point of the race. They also give a pin to the parent. I thought that was awesome. It was a good night for Mana. Oh and Victoria wanted a picture with the boat too hahahaha.

Here are some random pics of Victoria and Mana a few weeks ago at Mana's school for a function.

Here are some fun pictures. :)


MiriamR said...

Tell Tuimana Congratulations from us! that is so exciting that he got a badge and WON too. I love the gifts Willie gave you. They are BEAUTIFUL. I have never seen any here like it. I have started to become attracted to marble so those look amazing. Those goblets are cool too. I want some goblets. Those are always good to get as "conversational" pieces at the dinner table!!

meleofa said...

How fun to get stuff in the mail! hahahhahhahaaha. That salt and pepper shaker set is AWESOME! how fun. And the goblets. I love that Willie likes "conversation pieces". So good.

Great pics. And tell Tuimana congrats from us too! That is so cool. I love that you get a pin too. :D

I also love the pic with Victoria's hair in rollers! too cute.

Hera said...

Congratulation ömmustrákur. I am so proud to see him in his uniform.
Willie is such a smart gift buyer.
Conversation pieces are the best.
Great job Willie. I know you are reading this haha.
We miss you always Willie and you are in our prayers everyday. May Heavenly Father always bless you for all the good you do for everyone.
We love you.

MoBo said...

WAHOO! well done Tuimana! what happened to Victoria's Curlered Hair? hoohoohoo Great Pictures, and thats so awesome That Willie Sends Stuff! awesommmeee Love Ya!