Friday, October 30, 2009

Trunk or treat!!!

We had our Trunk or Treat tonight and it was so much fun. There was chili, cornbread, hotdogs, chips, desserts and lots and lots of candy. I was so happy they had hotdogs because my kids aren't very big on chili. I know it's because we don't eat chili at home. I think I've made it twice. I really enjoyed the chili and cornbread. There were carnival type games that were fairly simple but perfect for all ages of the kids that were there. They received candy and little treats like pencils and friendship bands.

There was one situation which showed me how thoughtful Mana is toward his sister. The kids were playing a game where you blow an Q-tip through a straw and try to get the Q-tip into the bat shaped cutout in the huge cardboard wall. Mana had gotten one in and Victoria had not. She kept trying but it just didn't go through. At this point it was time for us to move on because other children were waiting in line to play. Mana got a candy for his "goal". He turned to Victoria and said it was ok he doesnt want the candy she can have it. She was so thrilled and just said "thank you Mana". Mana told me he didn't want his sister to feel bad because she didn't make the goal. What a sweet, kind boy.

The kids were part of the costume contest. They also got their hair colored hahaha. They loved that. All in all the kids had such a great time and they both said it was the best Halloween ever. hahahaha. Im so happy they had a great time because we're not going trick or treating tomorrow. We are going to be dressing up and giving out candy. Fun times!!


MiriamR said...

Oh my gosh Mana is so cute! What a sweet brother that was so thoughtful of him and she appreciated it too! So cute!! I feel all warm and fuzzy. They look so perfect in their costumes!

MoBo said...

me too me too, thats the stuff you read about in books or see on tv but never believe hahaha What a Great big brother. I love all your pictures, Like i said a lkot on facebook hahaha