Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's November.

I got a phone call today from Mana's teacher. She told me there is going to be an awards ceremony at his school on Friday and Mana is receiving an award for most improved. Im so proud of Mana. He has had a hard time with certain areas of learning and he works really hard to try to compensate. He doesn't know about the award yet and I won't tell him because I think it would be a great surprise. Mana has an excellent teacher who is so proactive in all of the students education. If one way of doing things isn't working out for her students she finds another way to help the students learn. She really is fantastic and I just love her. We've been blessed to have her and I know it. I have prayed for help and guidance in trying to help Mana with his difficulties and my prayers were answered with this wonderful teacher. Moving on hahaha.

Mana had a great experience tonight. Ok first off. Mana is in scouts. It is his responsibility to keep up with his uniform. I add patches and iron his shirt, but he has to hang up his shirt, neckerchief, hat and keep track of his slide.
Well tonight in his excitement about getting to church a few minutes early (that means he gets to play basketball before scouts starts) he took off running to the church and his slide fell off. Now, the slide is not very big and it was very dark outside. We used the few early minutes we had to look for the slide. We looked and looked and couldnt find it. Mana went to scouts and Victoria and I waited around for him. When Mana was done we went back outside to look some more. I know its stupid but I wanted to at least try before just giving up. Mana then said. "Mamma when we get home Im just going to pray that I can find my slide" I told him that was a great idea. We then walked to the truck. Mana shouted out "Mamma, mamma I found it!" He got into the truck and showed me his slide. He said he said a prayer and he found it. I told him now he knows that heavenly father answers our prayers no matter how simple or small me may think they are. I just loved the fact that I was allowed to be there at that moment.
I truly believe it is the small and quiet moments in our childrens lives that the Holy Ghost testifies of the truthfulness of the Gospel.

Oh and on a bit of a sad note. Victoria had another issue tonight with children calling her chocolate. She now understands that being called chocolate is not ok. She told the girl she wasn't chocolate she is brown. My poor sweet girl. I have noticed that she is now distancing herself from those who have mistreated her. If I ask her why she won't play with so and so she simply says they weren't nice to me and I don't want to play with them. That's enough for me because really it takes a lot for Victoria to not want to play with anyone. She also misses her daddy so much and it's very sad at times because she will break down and cry and just say she misses her dad. We draw pictures for daddy and we talk about him and all the things we will do when he comes home. We also look at pictures and she talks to her dad which always puts a big smile on her face. She is better now but she did say she didn't have a good night tonight.

That's about all for now. I do have a question for you guys that read this. Can you share with me a healthy snack or dish you make at home? Im looking to change up my meal routine. Thanks.


Hera said...

super lovely grandchildren. They are setting their own way of dealing with things. It's good that Victoria realizes the wrong other kids do towards her. She should make her own choice whom to play with. I was bullied in school for being half Faroese. That way I found out who were real friends. It's just sad though that children so young are making such remarks. Where do they hear these things?
Great to hear Tuimana is relying on Heavenly Father and yes He does answer our prayers.

meleofa said...

I loved this post. It made me cry. For gladness and sadness. How exciting for Mana on both counts. :D That will be fun. You will have to take pics. We love you guys so much. I love to hear whats going on with you all.

Something healthy, hmm... that's a hard one. hahahaha. Do you guys like salad? We do zesty salads every once in a while. Like you have your regular salad stuff, and add to it. We like peas, cottage cheese, tuna, and whatever else tickles our fancy. Soups are always good this time of year, too. is a great resource for me. I look at a bunch of recipes for the same thing and just take what I like from the whole bunch and make my own. :D Love yous.

MiriamR said...

Tuimana is such a great boy! Poor Victoria. Those girls can't be very nice anyway so im glad she is done with them.

Healthy is not generally my specialty but lately it has been. Chicken fajitas are really healthy its just cut up chicken cooked with peppers and onion all diced up and seasoned and then put it on soft tacos. Add some cheese (try to get 1% or less) and if you want it super healthy get whole grain soft tacos, those are pricey though. A great way to get healthy is to eat like mum. Ha ha its true. Brown rice instead of white 1% or less cheese, wholegrain bread (sara lee makes this and my kids eat it and Daniel does too) just incorporate that stuff into what you usually make and it cuts a lot of the bad out. Oh burritos are healthy too. Lean ground beef or ground turkey, with re-fried beans all cooked together (they are usually fat free!!) then brown or white rice and veggies to top its delicious. I guess we do a lot of Mexican food around my house :)

MoBo said...

wahhh I am crying haha This was a great post. I remember getting an award in school once, It was both saddening and super surprising. The award was for some contest and they called out every child to give them a "you participated!" paper and the thing they did, they didnt call my name out and I started to get really sad and thought that maybe they accidentaly dropped mine on the way to the auditorium, so I decided I'd go look for it during recess (sure I'd find it haha), but then they called out my name for the Girl winner of my class, I was so surprised I sat there for a bit wondering if i'd heard right, and all the kids around me were like "Go Melanie!!!" and I was shacking and nervous, great times.

Poor Victoria, so Terrible! makes me terribly sad, Have you informed the other childrens parents? Or are they Tools? If I had a child and they were making other children feel bad, I would be thoroughly displeased

oh.. GOSH THIS IS LONG, I'm sorry, but a great snack I think is Sliced Cucumber! and carrots and tomatoes mmmmm I love it, and then nuts that mamma would eat, like almonds and what not, just little baggies of them, I was watching Dr. Oz yesterday (I love that show) and this cowboy that went on a vegan diet ate sliced cucumbers with a little bit of spritzed dressing on it, and baggies of nuts to munch on mmm good and apparently healthy mmmmm

But the cowboy lost THIRTY POUNDs in 28 days, he was a carnivor before but then went on a vegan diet for 28 days, Pretty amazing