Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Answering some questions.

Yes we are looking at houses. Originally we had thought we would buy a house when Willie is permanently home. Well after some thought and consideration we have decided we would try to buy one when Willie comes home for his R&R. So Willie is looking online when he has time and I'm checking what he finds and giving a thumbs up or down or maybe. We are hoping to be in a house by march, but we shall see.

It was Quinton's birthday on Friday. He is 8 now. Willie's birthday is on the 4th of Dec. He will be 9. The kids are all just growing up so fast.

Mana like his tutoring. Although I have to say they haven't started the real work yet. Yesterday and today they are doing placement exams to see where they are and what help is needed. Mana said all the girls in his class are in tutoring but he is the only boy. hahaha. We are hoping for the best. The tutoring program continues until the end of the year so that should be really good for him to have that consistency for at least majority of the school year.

Melanie I did eat my salad hahahaha. I ate it today. I have been really iffy about dressings that are actually good for you so I have been using balsamic vinegar. I like it. It takes yummy.

I washed my truck today, inside out. I haven't done that since like May hahaha how embarrassing hahahha. I was so sick of all the crumbs in the truck. I swear I need to have a no kid eating in my truck rule hahaha. Oh the reason why it takes me so long to wash my truck is, while we were living in California in our horrid duplex, our truck got hard water on the passenger side windows and on that side of the truck. So no matter how often I wash my truck it still looks dirty and it really makes me mad when I think about it. I choose not to deal with it or I would seriously go loopy. ai have cleaning issues hahaha.
On a happy note, Victoria was so good today. She just sat by the truck singing her songs hahaha. She's been so good lately. She asked if we could go to the movies. We didn't go to the movies but we did rent movies. She wanted scooby do and I got Star Trek for myself hahhaaha. It was great.


MiriamR said...

Sounds like fun! We went and saw a house yesterday. We are looking for a fixer upper so that we can put some sweat equity into it because. We were not going to buy but the houses here are actually in our price range for what we want so we figured we should start now so that later on we can buy a house again that we really like.

MoBo said...

Thats great! maybe he'll be nicer to the ladies hahahaha I would be blinkin Mad if That hard water thing happened to me, I do that a lot with many different things though, like books, clothes, shoes, notepads, dvds, cds... Okay so I got a problem, OH WELL!! haha but with the clothes, If I wash them incorectly and it fuzzes, or fades, or does anything I dislike, I either Give it to Lete(hahaha she dont care, she gots new clothes hoohoo), Throw it away or put it in a drawer so that I dont have to see it ever again kehehe