Monday, November 16, 2009

Today was jam packed.

Today I overbooked myself. I watched a cute little girl who looks just like Miaya (seriously she does) from 9am to about 1230. I had made arrangements with my VT to go to the park. You know change of scenery and not having like a whole bunch of kids in my house. Im all for kids having fun in my house but I definitely have a limit. hahaha So we went to the park at 11am. It was great fun. Victoria and her little friend ran around and had crazy fun. I made a delicious salad for me but I forgot to bring a fork so I just stared at it and imagined how the goodness of that salad would taste hahahaha. Victoria and her friend ate their delicious crackers and bell peppers(or if you prefer paprika, capsicums hahahaha) ok so Victoria and I were the only ones eating bell peppers. I got my spiritual thought from my VT and I actually made plans to go to one of the VT house to play some more but I was already feeling a little drained of playing time so I told her I would meet up with her another time. Victoria's friends mom picked her up at the park and we headed home. I then remembered I needed to mail the boys (Willie and Quinton) birthday prezzies today so they could arrive in Florida before Thanksgiving. We went to the post office and stopped off at Mana's school because I forgot to tell him this morning he needed to stay at school for his tutoring classes. I left a note at the office for the teacher.

While I was there, there was a very upset mother yelling and her kid about money that had gone missing or something like that. I felt like I was being yelled at. I felt for the boy. But I left because at this point Victoria was staring down the lady and I didn't want her to be the next target hahahaha. I told Victoria we would run home go to the bathroom and such and take off again because there is a house Willie and I found on the internet that looked like something we would be interested in.

Because Victoria was being so good I offered some Mc Donalds to her. She accepted of course. So off to Mc Donalds we went. I got some chicken strips because I was hungry and she got chicken nuggets. We drove to the house I saw on the internet and I took some pics. There were two dogs living on either side of the house and I kept thinking the dogs were going to break free and eat me hahahaha. I know wild imagination. But they stay put, barking like mad, but staying put. It is a really nice house. It needs some cosmetic improvements here and there and a really good cleaning and a really good bug guy. Hey we live in NC, bugs are expected. It was a great house.

I got home in time to pick Mana up from tutoring and we headed home. Oh and the greatest was Victoria and I received our passports today. Yay!! It only took 2 weeks which is great. Now I am just waiting for Mana's. I am now free to visit other countries.

Oh and here's a random side note. I found a little sweater that would fit Eva (Miriam's daughter). I told Victoria we should send it to her. Well she has a friend in nursery name Eva(pronounced A-va. well you know long A sound at the beginning) She is constantly talking about that girl. She got excited because she thought I was talking about her nursery friend hahahahaha. It was like she just realized she has a cousin named Eva hahahaha.

I wish we could visit family more often so the neices and nephews could all play more often.


MoBo said...

Sounds like a Super Busy Day! but exciting hahaha Did you get to eat your salad eventualy? kekeke How did Tuimana like his tutoring? How old a Willie and Quinton? HAppy Birthday! whenever they Be! hehe

MiriamR said...

Wow what a full day! I can get done stuff in my house but if I leave the house nothing gets done and I usually head home before I even get the first thing done :) GOOD JOB. Oh my goodness I just looked through the last box of clothes SO CUTE! Its got all the little girl shirts and the Derion jacket!! I love it. Are you guys looking at houses? So are we :)

Hera said...

My kiddies looking at houses how exciting.
Barking dogs are very annoying.
I am looking forward to seeing Victoria´s staring down face. I can just imagine that for now. She sounds like a barrel of laughs to me.
Yeah the bugs are everywhere in hot summer places and humidity.

Wiley Family said...

Yes Mamma barking dogs are annoying. Hopefully the house we get wont be so close to other neighbors. you know safe distance hahaha. Yeah Victoria's stare down is down right scary hahaha no sometimes I have to leave the room so I can have a little laugh. I dont want her to see me laughing at bad behavior.:)