Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good day.

So it is about 12 weeks until Willie gets to come home for 1 month. We are really excited. That will mark the half way mark for Willie being away. During this time I have had to make some adjustments on how things are done at home. I have relied on Willie with a lot of different things. For instance disciplining the kids. For what ever reason they would listen to him but not me. I have to say that things have gotten better with that. For the most part my kids listen to what I tell them and they respond pretty quickly. Although they do have their days when they just want to do their own thing. Which is fine because that is life. I have become more patient, which is really good because I do have a temper. I also think these things are becoming a little bit easier because the kids are getting older and they have a better understanding of what's appropriate and what's not. But then again sometimes that flies out the window too. The joys of parenthood.

This past sunday we had a missionary farewell program during sacrament meeting. It really made me excited for my brother, who is working on his papers to go on his mission. I got teary eyed at the thought that my brother would be doing the Lord's will by going on a mission and what a great example he is for me. I would really like to be there at his farewell. If I can't make that, then I will definitely be at his homecoming.

Oh and a weird week continuing on with Mana's education... We were so excited last week because he had gotten his award for most improved. Well this week I received a note from his teacher telling me he has failed two of the most recent reading test and it's an open book test. I have been praying and wondering how I am going to help my son with his difficulties. I received a package last week for a free tutoring program offered at his school. I was worried about the long hours Mana would be spending at school. Then he got his award so I thought, Oh maybe he's fine maybe he doesn't need it and then WHAM!! I get this note from Mana's teacher. Yeah so I filled out the package and mailed it off. Looks like Mana's starting tutoring next week. I guess I need to pay closer attention to answers I receive hahahaha. I hope this tutoring program will help him. We shall see.


MiriamR said...

so glad willie gets to come home for a month! wohoo for that. Poor Tuimana at least you can see it now and help him. Some kids go their entire school life struggling without knowing. I am sure it will go great!

Hera said...

Tuimana will do well with the help. I remember what happened to Melanie.
Your brother is ready in his mind to got on his mission. He is getting the MP soon. Just a lot of paperwork to do.
Perhaps you should have Christmas in Feb with Willie there haha.

MoBo said...

Thats What I was Gonna Say!!! what mamma said about me. I have Always, since Australia (but maybe the whole class was getting help then haha), been in special classes (and once a Whole school HAHAHA) and I used to hate books with words in them (till maybe third grade I'd go to the area with the books that had more pictures in them during library time hahahah) But one year mamma(I believe, but my memory often switches up roles) got me A BIG FAT BOOk for christmas, with no pictures, it was called David Copperfield (It was fat to me). I tried and tried and TRIED to read it, but my attention span couldnt hack it, my brain didnt want to compute it, I hear I had some sort of learning disorder, but I dont really remember much of that. I Really wanted to read it, I think I got half way through and then I dont know hehe. I really hope the book is still somewhere, But I dont know where that magical where might be... ANYWAYS as I was going along in my story, So It started with wanting to read mammas book, then My fifth Grade teacher did this thing that we all hated at first (made the class feel like little children maybe?)she started to Read aloud to us, Thats about the time I started to read books on my own. I started out with the picture books that had Lots of words, and then went to the short childrens novels, the type my teacher was reading. And so I started to like books because I realised there were Stories in the words! I never knew. HAHA I didnt like the 5th grade teacher, none of the class did, but I sure did love reading time! and even though I cant remember the story, I do remember reading david copperfield, They are fond memories

Anyway, I dont really remember what my point was... I think it was something like Dont Give up! I Love Books and Reading now, and average Joes shmoes think I'm smart hahaha Just keep at the encouragement, Kids really do love the attention and care their parents give, and sometimes naughty behaviour is just them being unable to put into words their struggles, Its frustrating all round.

but as the koreans say "FIGHTING!!" hahaha
Love you Guys