Monday, October 26, 2009

Soy Mjolk.

So I decided that I need to really focus on the foods in my house and whether or not they are helping our bodies or are more harmful. I have digestive issues and the pain on my left side that I've had for over a decade on and off, is probably due to that but I had always thought it was my liver or some other vital organ. Well I'm happy to say I have had blood tests and ultrasounds to evaluate my liver and organs in that general region and all looks good. I even had an ultrasound to check out my reproductive organs and apart from a small cyst (which are normal as long as they dont multiple or grow in size) everything checked out. They thought that the pain I felt was transferring from my ovaries or uterus, thats why that was check out.
So I know Mamma and the rest of my siblings have drank soy milk. I have to say I tried it years ago but it didn't taste very good. Well I thought I would try it again just a different brand. I have silk milk and it taste really good. I also feel it's not as heavy, if that makes any sense, as milk. It feels lighter in my stomach. I got the vanilla flavor and it's great.

I also like activia. I notice when i dont drink it (i get the smoothie kind) I just dont feel right. So I totally encourage people to try that.

I have pretty much gotten to the end of my rope with my headaches. I am seriously thinking of going to a chiropractor to see if that will relieve some stress and pain. I also really want to go to a massage therapist, only after I go to a chiropractor. I know mamma has been to one. Has anyone else been to one? If so what was your experience like? and would you recommend it?
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MiriamR said...

soy milk is pretty good if you get the silk vanilla or chocolate :) I had a professor who was a chiropractor (well retired) for 30 years. He always told us most of the problems in the back are from not drinking enough water. Well alot of them anyway cause it gives you kidney pain. But I am not sure about the headache migrain thing cause he never mentioned that. The only this is you usually have to keep going back to have them set your back.

Hera said...

Glad to hear you are figuring things out. Sometimes migraines are also caused by food. We have to try things for a day and the stay off it for a week or so and then try again. Just stay away from those that make you sick.
So Good is also good if you can get that.
Some soy drink tastes like poison I know.
I really do think you need a chiropractor because you had two bad falls as a child.
Depending how your neck or back is decides how often you have to go see the ch. doctor.
I went once in 2003 and have not been back but I should go back. I was in another car accident 2007 and I could feel my neck go and my headaches came back.
So you might not need to go to often in your life time. It makes a huge difference sometimes.

meleofa said...

I went to a chiropractor for a couple of months when I was a senior in high school because I got in a car accident, and it helped lots, but I had to keep going. He told me because of what had happened to my neck, I'd have to keep going for, well basically for forever, or my body would just fix itself. I love the chiropractor, though. Massage therapy is really good too. It's one of those things, I think, that is just good for your body. If you can get massages regularly, I bet they will help. Try yoga too! I love love love yoga. It's really good for helping your body get back into what it should be, good for balance.