Friday, October 30, 2009

Eating is exhausting...

This happened a couple of weeks ago and I had forgotten about it until I was going through my phone today and deleting random pictures my children love to take with my phone. I took this picture. It was lunch time and I had made Victoria a peanut butter sandwich (per her request) and she just fell asleep. I have to say I didn't realize she had fallen asleep until awhile later. I was doing laundry and cleaning in the other room. But I thought it was just a perfect moment for a picture. :)


Also Melanie you asked a question about how the curlers turned out in her hair. Well they didn't. The curlers did nothing to her hair. She slept in her curlers overnight and when I took them out her hair looked the same as before I put the curlers in. I dont know if the size is too big or if I needed heat or what. It didn't work and both Victoria and I were disappointed. We were excited for a new hairstyle hahahaha.
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MoBo said...

LoL this Picture is Awesome and hilarious. Hmmmm Was it wet before you curled? with my hair it has to be wet when you do it, and then you have to use six cans of hairspray to keep it in... or maybe moose and then curl, and Then hairspray hmmmm hahahah Dont Give Up!!