Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Migraines, headaches and body aches.

I have been really fortunate in not having to deal with headaches or migraines for at least 2 months. Well last week I had a small headache that grew into a full blown migraine with puking and all. It was so not cool. Then I had a small headache the following few days but nothing big. Then a couple of days ago I started to have another small headache which grew into a migraine with nausea. I have been napping a lot to try to dull the pain of the headaches/migraines. Last night I felt pretty yucky and I was worried I wouldn't wakeup this morning so mana could go to school on time. Well I prayed that I could at least get up today so mana didnt have to miss school. Well I fell asleep, slept pretty well and woke up feeling rejuvinated and no pain what so ever. Im so thankful for the many blessing heavenly father gives us.

Im also blessed to have the children I have. They are pretty considerate and mindful on the days I don't feel well. Both of them at one time or another have patted me on the back and told me everything was going to be ok. Those are the moments when I feel my heavenly father's present the most because the little pats truly remind me that everything will be ok.
I do feel bad though because my kids shouldn't have to worry about their mamma just yet. Thats supposed to happen when they are grown ups. hahaha.
We all have our weaknesses and trials in life and I strive to endure them well. Im not quite there but perhaps one day I will be.

Today I feel great, I did have some pain in my head, but it is only a small annoyance. The rain has been falling so gently today, I love it. It's like a mist. No wonder this place is so beautiful and green with all the wonderful rain we get. I love the fall and Halloween and all the great holidays that follow. There's just a special spirit this time of year for me.
Oh yeah here's a random question. Does anyone know of a good at home preschool program? I want to start doing at home preschool with victoria. I feel she is ready for learning school type things.

Here are some old pics from when we were in Utah. Enjoy!!


MiriamR said...

Oh those pictures make me miss being together! Sorry for your migrains those are worse than ANYTHING! That is so cute that they pat you on the back and tell you its going to be ok. I can just imagine the joy that would bring just to see them do it. I love the Holidays too I can feel the happy feelings flowing in with the cold. YAY.

Hera said...

Your children do the same you did for me when I was not feeling well.
I don´t know any programs but stores have books and then just do research online to see what is on offer.

MoBo said...

Lets see, I dunno about the school thing... Shes three huh? hmm I'll Pretend to research hehehe

Is there snow in North Carolina? What are you guys doing for Christmas?????????? I cant imagine nausea migranes, Mer thykir thad leitt, I think? hehe I dont like how english speakers say I'm sorry, Like how Jace feels in The Immortal instruments, I think there is somehting lost in translation from heart to English Language