Thursday, September 24, 2009


So this week I decided I wasn't going to do anything but stay home and clean or sort through stuff. Well that didn't happen.
On Monday Victoria and I ran around doing random silly things, Tuesday I went to sams club to renew my membership. I went with my Visiting teachers and they live like 20 minutes away so the drive was way longer than it needed to be. It was weird because we were taking a "short" cut but it was not short at all. Leaving from my house to sam's would have taken about 50 minutes but we ended up driving like and hour and 15 minutes and thats not counting the 20 minute drive to there house. We did go through the base, which I prefer not to do because you have to show ID's and it's just annoying. We stopped at the thrift store on base (which wasnt planned, I dont like unplanned things unless Im with family and close girlfriends where we are hanging out all day anyway). The thrift store was a little pricey in my opinion, there were some really nice dishes though, I think they are probably from all over the world. I grab a nice little earing holder for victoria.

I have been trying to find something cute to hold her earrings.

I also found the wall hanging decorative piece which is the same color as a candle holder I have that hangs on the wall. I know exactly what I am going to do with it.

So yeah we were gone all day long and Victoria and I was starving so I grabbed 2 hotdog combos at sams. I bought a few things to send to willie, like those mini cereal boxes, some microwaveable mac and cheese and some cup of noodles. He has access to microwave and they get all the bottle water they want over there.

Oh and I got a request from willie. He asked for some cream soda, but Im weary about sending that because they always ask if there is anything fragile, liquid and something else. So if anyone knows off hand what is or isn't allowed let me know.

So yeah I got home from sam's later than I thought. I picked up mana from the house and we were off to big lots to check out baskets. Didnt find any that were worth it. We then went to Tuesday morning where I was able to find Victoria's halloween costume. She wanted to be a princess and she's obsessed with tinkerbell so I thought the costume was perfect. I will be having a long sleeve shirt under and some leggings. That way her costume is still modest.

I then went to Home, family and personal enrichment. We learned about the latest info they have on H1N1 as it pertains to our county and our schools. We also learned about what should be in a 72 hour emergency kit, which I can say we have in our home. Yay! Then we learned about healthy school lunch alternatives. Lunch meat is bad bad bad apparently. Lots of bacteria and added junk in it so now I probably would buy lunch meat and just buy more chicken and cook it then slice it for sandwiches. Thats alot of work but worth it if he helps my family be healthier.
On Wednesday I met with my visiting teachers so they could give me the monthly message, we made chicken enchiladas and the kids played. Later Mana had scouts and so we went to the church to wait for him. Today I was going to do some stuff but I am just too tired and I need some rest. I'll probably do some running around tomorrow because on saturday I plan on going to a craft fair thing that will be at an old farm that's been around since the 1800's. Anyway thats been our week so far.



MiriamR said...

Holy cow busy busy and fun! I love the stuff you got at the thrift store! Those wall hangings look great. I can't wait until Eva is old enough to not throw her junk everywhere and actuall yput it in a box. Sounds busy but looks like you are getting lots done!

meleofa said...

What a busy week! And I love love love the candle holder and Victoria's costume!

MoBo said...

WoW that sounds Like a Grand old time! Busy indeed, So great, did you hear about my surprise? hehehehahahaha those are some nice things ya got there, I dont like unplanned things either, I am slightly off balance that way hahaha