Monday, April 27, 2009

Visiting Florida.

Over Easter weekend we went to Gainesville, Florida to visit Sandra my mother inlaw. She has recently had some surgery to (hopefully) treat her condition. She did really well in recovery. She had her surgery on thursday and by saturday she had recovered well enough to move from Neuro ICU to her own room. She remembered who we all were which was so great! She was so happy to see us all, she felt so loved. I and the children were able to meet willie's grandfather for the first time. His name is also willie but I dont remember his last name. I dont know if I will ever see him again but it was nice to see some more closely related family members. I should have taken pictures, but Im really not sure if they would have appreciated that because none of the grandkids have very good relationships with him and it just didnt feel like a kodak type moment. I can say that the female genes in willies family are extremely strong. Sandra definitely favors grandma eleanor and willie definitely favors sandra, although I have been told that willie looks just like his father. (Another person I dont expect to meet)
Gainesville is the home of University of Florida, so there were tons and tons of Gator fans everywhere. It was pretty cool. We drove by the campus, not on purpose we were just tryiing to find our way out.
On our was home we went through Georgia. In Georgia they were having sever storms from atlanta through to the coast. It was scary. We kept hearing that emergency broadcast on the radio from the national weather people. They kept saying there was a tornado warning and if winds got just a little bit stronger a tornado would form. It was raining really hard. Everyone had their flashers on and driving really slow. There was tons of water everywhere and it just kept coming down. I got pretty scared but I didn't say or do anything to show that because I didn't want to show willie or the kids how scared I was. You know that might make the situation worse if everyone is scared to death. There was tons of lightening and thunder. But we got out of it unscathed and all was good LOL.

****these pics are of the kids in the hotel in Gainesville lounging and are the lake by the park in Aberdeen****


MiriamR said...

It looks so beautiful and GREEN. I love that. How long did your drive end up being?

Maliana said...

your babies are so dang cute! what does your housr look like from the outside the inside looks loverly i'm so excited to see you guys in august!!

Melisa said...

It is so green here and woodsy it's awesome. Our drive from utah took about 32 hours. We stopped in North Platte Nebraska and St. Louis Missouri. I dont think we stopped anywhere else hahaha. well thats where we stopped overnight. I should have taken more pics but you know it just gets to the point where you just want to get to your desitination hahahaha.

MoBo said...

Ahh!!! Tuimana is such a little man , and Victoria looks like a little lady hehehe sooo cute. Storms are supa Scary, so it Really is all stormin crazy down there, terrifying!