Friday, May 8, 2009


So I was online today paying bills and just window shopping online. Well I checked our bank account and found 2 charges for a flower delivery company. I thought ok the first one is for my mom in law and the second must be for me. I wonder if willie thought I would check our account before this weekend came up. Yeah Im not going to say anything to willie because that would be mean. I will act very surprised. I like flowers.

I also wanted to say Im so proud of Mana. He is already doing better in school. I got his spelling test today and he only got two wrong. He also finished all of his school work without having the teacher on him the whole time. I promised Mana a little treat if he would do well on his test. He is very excited to get a treat. Im going to let him pick what kind of plant he wants to start growing.

Oh and the RS presidency came by today with a little plant and some banana bread (which was so delicious). Im so excited for the plant. Its just a small plant but I love it. Im excited to watch it grow.


Maliana said...

this post made me all warm and fuzzy inside i'm glad things are getting better

MiriamR said...

I am so glad mana is doing better! Yay. I love your tea plant. We got chocolates (me and Melanie both) ha ha I probably should have gotten a plant. Oh well the chocolate was good.

MoBo said...

hahaha Miriam Knows what it is hehehe. thats Soo funny! Was it for you? Show us pictures!!! I am soo happy that you are blogging!! woohoooo go Wileys!