Sunday, May 24, 2009

We are in Florida for memorial day weekend

So we are in Florida this holiday weekend. Willies mom had another "mini" stroke last week and was hospitalized fir the while week. Thankfully she was discharged on Friday. She is in high spirits and is doing better. Her memory is pretty good. She even remembers mana's name. Which is funny because she always called him Dewey-Monday LOL. She never could pronounce Tuimana :). That was awesome to hear Dewey-monday hahaha. She really lives her "babies" which are her grandkids, and no one better mess with them or she will whoop 'em . Hahahahaha victoria had come out of one of the rooms crying today saying aunty had hurt her. Sidenote: that's not right. Victoria was jumping on the bed (big no no) she fell and hurt herself and aunty rubbed her back to see if she was ok. Victoria some how I interpretted that as aunty hurting her. Anyway nana ( my mom inlaw) got upset because v was crying and told her to tell aunty not to hurt her or she would whoop her. She was serious too. Nana is very protective of her babies. She tells us to be nice to the babies whenever we try to discipline the kids.
So for the next month we are having our nephew dj stay with us. Victoria is staying in Florida with her uncle dwayne and aunty Krystal. This should be really interesting to say the least. We also found out today that the boys will be staying with us or a month this summer. We are really excited for this very full summer.


meleofa said...

How fun! How is the exchange going thus far? hehehehe. Is Mana done with school for the year, then? Hope the summer isn't too hot already. :)

MiriamR said...

SOunds like fun. Yeah how is it going so far? Sounds like a jam packed summer. I hope mine is somewhat jam packed.