Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mana's better

Well thankfully Mana has recovered for the most part. He hasn't had a fever for about 2 days so thats a good thing. His cough is even getting better. So I went and saw Mana's teacher today and I was there for 1 hour. That was a very long hour. I didn' t know teachers met with parents for so long. The whole time I had a nasty expression on my face ( I have some mean angry faces ask willie hahahaha) but that didn't phase her. She just talked and talked and talked and talked. We didn't get very much accomplished. She did realize that she hadn't sent home any letters or notes notifying me of what's going on with some areas like spelling homework and reading. I also found out that Mana's class is comprised of kids who have behavioral issues. Which is bizarre because thats one thing she said Mana has no problem with. He has never spoken back or given attitude to any of his teachers. Oh and I asked about summer school and apparently that might not do it this year because of lack of funding. NC has already cut teachers pays since this recession crap. So yeah I'm trying to get Mana to keep and journal. I'm hoping this will help his writing, spelling and organizing his thoughts to paper. I don't think he likes it very much. It funny, Mana remembers a lot of random things about trips and people and places we have been. He even remembers what year and his age and stuff, but he doesn't remember what he did at school. LOL Hopefully my new plan I have will work. Im also trying to find things he likes to do and then have him write about what we just did.
Thanks to Meleofa and Dustin for introducing him to plants etc he really wants to grow some stuff so Im thinkiing I will take the kids to a nursery and get some seeds, pots etc and grow them on our porch. I know both kids really loved planting with Meleofa and Dustin.
Miriam you crack me up about the bug thing. We have mosquitoes which was horrible the other night. Victoria had opened the porch door during the day and I didn't know she had done that and 3 mosquitoes came into the house and ended up in my room and bit me all night. I finally found them and killed those suckers hahahahaha. bugs are sooooo gross.


meleofa said...

I'm so glad he's feeling better. And I love that they remember planting those things. We haven't planted them outside yet, because it's still too cold, and the plants would go into shock, I think, but we're pretty excited about planting their things. so fun. I'm glad the teacher acknowleged a tiny bit of the lack of communication. I love the journal idea! That's so awesome, and it'll be a great outlet for all the things and stories he remembers. :)

MiriamR said...

Thats great you are doing the journal. Thats a good habit to have. It will really help him I am sure. I kept an Icelandic journal and it helped me to learn to write and understand it more.

Yeah I HATE bugs. I thought I would have less bugs here than Guam. Yes there are less but there are crickets all over the place. I randomly find them everywhere in the house and Giant spiders (daniel says it was a harmless wolf like the ones the Bryers had when we were little) Still a nasty shock to find that! It stops me from doing Laundry because they are in the garage! AHHH. Planting should be fun. I don't like yard work much but I love the veggies and flowers that come from them!

MoBo said...

hahaha I can imagine your scary face heheheh its realy good to keep a journal and encourage reading and writing, book worms are clever! hehehe I hated writing in my school journals, but its fun to read them now haha Go Mana! and Melisa! clever clever with the helping idears